Decision Making and Ethics Questions for IAS CSAT Prelims Paper II Set 4

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1. Currently, there has been a serious problem of more connection of personnel of terrorist forces and that had more demoralizing impact and opposing impact on the anti-naxal operations and one main reason is lack of suitable awareness about the local forest terrain. The solution to overcome this problem is:

(a) From taking such actions in the impenetrable forests as that has more risk the forces should limit

(b) Reduce the density of forest cover and density if there tree so that taking actions can be better helped

(c) Involve Naxalite who have already surrendered and are much aware of the forest terrain in the anti-naxal operations

(d) Involve local forest terrain who is aware of Local recruits to improve para-military forces personnel

Answer: d

2. In a far rural area with very bad transportation there has been a breakdown of diarrhea and the region has no doctors. On behalf of Collector and District Magistrate what would be the best action?

(a) Send a communication to the State Government for opening the hospital there

(b) Do not worried about any this wait and watch as these problems may come and go

(c) Suggest medicine and arrange it from nearby town and to take prompt steps for administering them

(d) Use oral re-hydration therapy by mobilizing local social health activists and arrange doctors

Answer: d

3. When there is measure traffic on road and suddenly it convert in traffic jam, and over all traffic flow is affected at that time what is the better step to take?

(a) Making the two wheelers pass first so half of the way will be clear

(b) Giving some important tips to the people driving the vehicle

(c) Recognize the main points of traffic jams and try to clear the traffic

(d) Request people to drive back vehicles to move back so that road could be cleared of the traffic jam and it makes traffic smooth

Answer: c

4. If one youth get orders a simple term of one month for drunk driving by Metropolitan Magistrate offenders and youth demand the Court of Additional District and Sessions Judge, and this Court sets apart the term and releases the criminal on trial and asks him to involve in the social and religious activities for a month and report back with suitable proof or certificate. Then the judgment of court is:

(a) Compare to the retributive theory judgment is more relies on reformative theory

(b) Compare to the reformative theory more depend on on retributive theory

(c) Equally relies on reformative and retributive theory

(d) Not depend on reformative theory or on retributive theory

Answer: a

5. If a witness gives statement that he saw suspect to obligating the crime and the suspect says that he can produce some 100 witnesses who had not seen him to committing the crime in the trial court so at that time the court still trust the witness if the suspect produces such other witnesses?

(a) Yes

(b) No

(c) Yes if out of 100 some support the witnesses

(d) Do not reach at any observation in the given matter

Answer: a

6. If railway track passes through wild elephant՚s movement area due to some wildlife period being there and it is risk to the life of such animals. Then what should be the best way will be to overcome this problem will be:

(a) Slow down speed of the trains in such areas so that in slow movement there is better check will possible

(b) Train the elephants by some elephant trainer on the related risk involved there

(c) Find alternative in the form of the bus traffic and stop railway traffic movement

(d) Organize adequate police and paramilitary forces around the railway track to incidents checked

Answer: a

7. If educational institution has fixed the dates for examination in advance and the Election Commission of India has announce election dates for some General Elections of the House of People and, some of the examination dates and election dates fall the same day then what should have to do in this situation:

(a) Delay all the examination papers until whole of the election is conducted

(b) Delay the election dates first conduct examination because future of students is much important

(c) Advance the date of expiation and arrange it well so that examination is conducted ahead of time

(d) Only postponed those dates of the examination, which smash with the voting day and keep them latter

Answer: d

8. If workers of some private industries are damaging the property or even killing the senior management employees, at that time what should be best solution:

(a) Easygoing to view of them and giving them an more occasion so that they can be converted

(b) Take unsympathetic action according to the law and also giving appropriate opportunities for the complaint recompense of the workers

(c) Close such kinds industries where this kind of events is taking place

(d) Blame the management that why they have allow the position to go out of hand

Answer: b

9. The receives from State Government order to manage private industry but concerned High Court give opposite order to the same industry then what should management do?

(a) Execute the order of the State Government

(b) Execute the order of the High Court

(c) Execute the order of the State Government and inform the High Court about the order of the State Government

(d) Execute the order of the High Court and inform to the State Government about the order of the High Court

Answer: d

10. If Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of a State Corporation (in GoI) is suspended and its website is not yet updated & shows suspended person as CEO and in this situation any person visits the website at that time what would be the right course for person to get it corrected will be:

(a) Send notice against the CEO against and if the matter is not sorted out then to approach the Central Information Commission

(b) Send notice to the concerned Public Information Officer and if still matter is not sorted out then approach the First Appellate Authority and then to the Central Information Commission

(c) Send notice to the concerned Public Information Officer and if still matter is not sorted out then approach Central Information Commission, and then to the President of India

(d) Write a letter to the Press Council of India and represents the matter and request to take the suitable action

Answer: b

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