Preparing for CSAT with Non Mathematical Background

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Since UPSC declared the CSAT exam would be added to the prelims exam we have received numerous queries. Many students are worried, some are angry but most are looking for ways to cope up with this change. This page tries to address some of the concerns related to the Maths knowledge requirements of the CSAT exam. Another related page (Preparing for CSAT with Non-English Background) tries to alleviate the questions and worries related to the English requirements of the new CSAT test.

Before the students get too much worried they should know that the questions that will be asked in CSAT would mostly be based on knowledge that they have already gained till high school. The key here is that although the coverage is extensive questions would not be difficult. Also remember that a mere refresher would serve the purpose of preparing the students on the various math topics. We strongly believe that many a coaching centers are taking advantage of the new pattern to spread fear among the students forcing them to buy the most expensive coaching.

Here are some easy tips and tricks for non-mathematical background students to prepare for CSAT Examination:

  • Get the CSAT material from Examrace, it covers Maths and English from most basic to advanced
  • Start with the NCERT books for Class V to VIII. Go through the basic concepts and gain understanding. Then go for learning basic concepts of NCERT class IX and X books.
  • Keep your motivation level high and do not underestimate your potentials
  • Try solving very basic questions at first and then slowly increase the level of difficulty
  • Try to follow as many shortcuts as possible because time is a major limiting factor in determining the number of questions you can solve
  • Remember that CSAT is not about checking the mathematical abilities but the reasoning and logical power so there is always logic behind a problem which can be solved with the basic concepts and formulas
  • Learn the last moment cheat sheet for the formulas. Display major formulas on a board in the room, so that you can get a chance to revise them off and on
  • Another helpful trick for learning formulas is to go through the basic ones and learn them first then derive the complex formulas from the easy formulas
  • Expressions like “Oh my God so many formulas” “Trigonometry is not my game” “I cannot solve probability questions” will all lower your self-confidence & take you away from studying those topics. Note that for UPSC it is very important to COVER ALL TOPICS, because in a particular year UPSC in the past has been known to emphasis one topic more than others in the prelims exam.
  • Take Maths as a challenge and not as a botheration
  • Speak from your heart and say “I can do it” “I will do it” “If others can do it, why cannot I do it”

As always we are always there for help. don՚t hesitate to reach us at contactus@examrace. com. Also our experts have designed a comprehensive Examrace CSAT Series with lot more tips, tricks shortcuts and over 4000 solved questions. Take a look, it might help you with the preparation for CSAT.