Examrace IAS CSAT Prelims Paper II Series (Postal Course)

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Author: , ISBN: 978-0-9829216-2-3, First edition: 15-Nov-2010, Last revised:

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Course Includes Following 5 Books

Elementary Mathematics & Data Interpretation
Elementary Mathematics & Data Interpretation Sample Preview

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Verbal Reasoning, English Proficiency & Comprehension
Verbal Reasoning, English Proficiency & Comprehension Sample Preview

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Non-Verbal & Visual Reasoning
Non-Verbal & Visual Reasoning Sample Preview

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Analytical & Logical Reasoning
Analytical & Logical Reasoning Sample Preview

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Only course you need for success in IAS CSAT Paper II: Comprehensive notes, thousands of questions with detailed step-by-step explanations and tricks to solve each and every question (more than 2000 given in the books) in under 1 minute. Master all the techniques as you solve questions!

  • Speed matters-all the questions of the IAS CSAT Paper II from last several years were easily and quickly solved by employing techniques developed in this course.

  • Covers complete syllabus with detailed & extensive lessons, tips & tricks & numerous multiple choice questions with detailed solutions.

  • Your one stop solution-covers maths and basic numeracy (entire syllabus till class X), logical reasoning, analytical reasoning, judgement & decision making, problem solving, verbal aptitude & reasoning, visual aptitude, data interpretation & sufficiency, reading comprehension.

  • Don't be afraid of maths! Mathematical section specially designed for those candidates who do not have sound maths background.

  • Master English, turn your weakness into strength-course includes a complete and comprehensive verbal and reading comprehension section designed especially for non-english background students. Includes word list, prefix, suffix, synonyms, antonyms and other useful information in appendices.

  • Compare with other books and postal courses

  • Limited time! FREE dedicated book on decision making & problem solving, ethical decision making, and communication & interpersonal skills!

Review Summary Review
Cleared my prelims!

-by-  Mathur (Cleared Exam)

What else can I say. Gets the job done.

Must for CSAT II

-by-  Gautami

I believe this is a must to have resource for CSAT paper II, with lot of questions from reading comprehension and analytical reasoning, this guide provides a complete background about the different types of questions as well as what to expect in examination.

Analytical Reasoning section is best

-by-  Prakash

The best section in the complete material was analytical reasoning, the way you have explained how to solve problems is amazing, the tricks are really worth the money paid!

English Section is good

-by-  Raghav

I from a hindi medium background, so good english comprehension material in examrace series. Got it fast and useful notes.

Reached on Time! Great resource!

-by-  Sharma

I was a bit skeptical to order from this website but I contacted the support team before I could place a order and found them genuine. Material is indeed a great resource and reached timely.

Best CSAT material

-by-  Ashwin

The material is very well priced as compared to Vaziram and interactions. It is much more comprehensive with good explanations and detailed coverage.

Worth investing!

-by-  S.

I guess Examrace Team (the name they contact you through emails) were the first to release the material. I ordered the copy within the few days of release at a much higher price than now and found it totally worth. The material coverage is very good and the mathematics section is compiled in a very student friendly manner which makes it very easy to learn the basic concepts. I definitely recommend this material to all aspirants!

Solving tricks

-by-  Yadav

Only few of the websites are providing so comprehensive material for CSAT with detailed solutions and practice questions. The tips and tricks in the material are very useful, some of these seems as if they can be applied directly to save time in the exam when solving questions step by step take a long time.

Authentic CSAT material

-by-  Rawal

Found this material very useful, I read the comparison of the material with other popular materials at the website and is better than Upkar & Arihant which have some wrong answers

Very Comprehensive Material, Best Memory tips!

-by-  Yadav

Only few of the websites are providing so comprehensive material for CSAT with detailed solutions and practice questions. The tips and tricks in the material are very useful.