IAS: Word Processing Fundamental Concepts Complete Lessons

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IAS: Basic Concepts on Word Processing

What is word processing, what does it mean? How is word processing related to other aspects and the importance of undetsanding word processing for IAS.

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IAS: Computer Organisation

What is computers? What are the parts of the computers? Understanding the input, output and processing devices and organization of the computers for IAS.

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IAS: An Introduction to Windows 95

What are operating systems? What are various kinds of operating systems? Windows 95 is one of such operating systems and one needs to know about that operating system prior to doing any further applications to that operating system for IAS.

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IAS: Introductionto MS-Word

MS-word is a platform meant for designing articles, publications, journals and more. Writing, editing and creating document is made simple by use of MS-word. The major difference in using a notepad, textpad, noteplus or any other similar software is easily understood once we start working with MS-word for IAS.

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IAS: Creating and Editing a Document

Once we are familiar with MS-word as done in the previous topic, we would go around and work with understanding how to create and edit a document on MS-word. What are the maajor shortcut commands that would help you through. Understanding the functions and applications of copy, paste, delete and major commands that are useful for MS-word for IAS.

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IAS: Formatting a Document

Once we are proficient in understanding, creating and editing a document, we must follow up with forrmatting a document. This is indeed important to understand as we need to gather proper styles. Learn how to add styles and edit the exsiting styles for headings, quotes, diagrams and tables for IAS.

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IAS: Advanced Formatting

This section deals with further formatting techniques useful in formatting, after learning the fundamental techniques of formatting, one can go about and work with these techniques for IAS.

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IAS: Mail Merge

Once we have understood the basics of word processing, one important concepts thereby lies is the mail merge. Mail merge is a software function describing generating many documents from a single template form & structured data source and allows a user to send letters or documents to many people simultaneously. Main aim is to create one document that has information that will be the same in each version. Then you just add placeholders for the information that will be unique to each version for IAS.

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