Important Definitions in Psychology for IAS

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Social Influence: Changes in a person’s behaviour induced by the presence or actions of others.

Social Power: The capacity to control, alter, or influence the behaviour of another person.

Reward Power: Social Power based on the capacity to reward a person for acting as desired.

Coercive power: Social power based on the ability to punish others.

Legitimate Power: Social power based on a person’s position as an agent of an accepted social order.

Referent Power: Social power gained when one is used as a point of reference by others.

Expert Power: Social power derived from possession of knowledge of expertise.

Mere Presence: The tendency for people to change their behaviour just because of the presence of other people.

Social Facilitation: The tendency to perform better when in the presence of others.

Social loafing: The tendency of people to work less hard when part of a group than when they are solely responsible for their work.

Personal Space: An area surrounding the body that is regarded as private and subject to personal control.

Proxemics: Systematic study of the human use of space, particularly in social settings.

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