Dowry Victim from Gujarat Turns IAS Officer

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Komal Ganatra՚s Story!

From the very fortnight of her marriage with Shailesh Popat in the year 2008, she was thrown out by her in-laws for not paying dowry. When all attempts to get her husband booked failed, Komal made her mind to set things right for herself.

What She Won?

As she described, “The worst was the social boycott. That was tough. Now this has happened and it is a great pleasure.”

Her fathers words were “I wish that she does a lot of good work and I wish that she services the society.”

“She has struggled alot in her life, Now I feel she should serve the society as much as she can” her father Pravin Ganatra addressed to media.

Thirty-two-year-old Komal Ganatra from Gujarat is the only woman from Gujarat to clear the exam in the year 2012. After four attempts, the hard work has finally paid off. Availing the 591 ranking on the national merit list, she is a marvelous inspiration to all.

Komal՚s Aim in Life

This woman has successfully overcome a lot of hardships, advises aspiring civil servants to work hard. “To achieve something, you just have to work hard.”

She has an objective in her mind to keep working to serve society and assist people around her. She has definitely proved herself and is a very inspiring women to all girls all over India to join the UPSC services.