K. Jayaganesh – a Waiter Becomes IAS Officer

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Waiter Who Turned to be IAS Officer

If any one believes that it՚s not possible then K. Jayaganesh is best example for them that everything is possible if we want it actually.

He belongs to poor family from Tamil Nadu & due to poor condition of family he was not able to afford coaching and so that did many odd jobs including the job of waiter.

He cleared IAS exam with 156th rank from 700 in 7th attempt and didn՚t lose his confidence even after six successive failures.

His father Krishnan, worked as supervisor in Leather Factory and only studied up to 10th, his mother is a housewife and has two younger sisters and one younger brother. He has completed his study up to 8th in his village and further schooling in nearer town.

Then he completed his Mechanical engineering in 2000 and went to Bangalore for job purpose and he had got job of ₹ . 2,500/- per month, but still he wanted to become IAS officer.

He was from a village which was very poor & wanted to help the people there and so he returned to his village and started preparation of IAS. But due to lack of knowledge he failed for 2 times and then he joined coaching classes at Chennai, he had worked as waiter in Chennai for coaching classes fees and after that he has cleared preliminary for five times but failed to clear Mains. In his 6th attempt he cleared both preliminary and mains but failed in Interview still he tried hard and finally became IAS officer.

He states - ″ I was extremely tense that day. I would know whether my dreams would be realized or not. I used to tell God, please let me pass if you feel I am worthy of it.

I went to a playground and sat there meditating for a while. Then, I started thinking what I should do if I passed and what I should do if I didn՚t.

I had only one dream for the last seven years and that was to be an IAS officer. ″

The message is do not lose confidence. Even if you fail try harder and harder- you will definitely get success.