Rashmi Zagade-Only Lady Who Cleared IAS from Pune in 2010 – a Housewife

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First IAS Lady Officer from Pune Rashmi Zagade with Her Hous …

Who are preparing for IAS and think it is very tough to clear IAS Exam, then read story of Rashmi Zagade, a housewife who has cleared IAS and secure 169th rank from 800.

She is the only Lady in 2010 from Pune who has cleared IAS examination, first IAS Lady Officer from Pune City and gives all credit to his school drop-out Husband Mr. Siddhartha Zagade who inspired her for this exam even when she failed repeatedly, supported her and never let her give-up.

She started her IAS preparation from 2003 and also faced 4 unsuccessful attempts, still she didn՚t give up and finally at age of 29 years she secured 169th rank from 800 and become IAS officer.

She is Science graduate but had no idea about IAS Exam. Always her husband encouraged her for this exam.

Mr. Siddhartha Zagade՚s father was passed away in his childhood and her mother was not educated so he was not able to continue his education due to financial condition but he had dream to become IAS and finally he had achieved it though her wife. Both of them made many sacrifices for this, they sold their flat, five acre land and gave up their retail business to buy study material and join coaching classes.

They literally lost everything as they pursued her dream and Siddhartha started to spend all this time taking care of the two-year-old daughter so that Rashmi could concentrate on her study.

Rashmi՚s father told that Siddhartha is only 9th pass but his knowledge is much more than Rashmi. Her father was class IV employee in Pune Municipal Corporation.

Rashmi has completed her schooling and college in Marathi and she also has given her written exam and interview in Marathi.

When she finally becomes IAS officer Siddhartha said “We have been receiving phone calls from distant relatives, friends and political leaders since she cleared the exam. Our life seems to have drastically changed. I see posters and banners at various places in the city and back home at our village, congratulating me. I hope to make a change in the attitude of our society; I couldn՚t sleep for two days. It was a distant dream, but Rashmi has finally made it through with a lot of dedication and hard work”

After this all problems, she did it for herself and her family, for her husband, so why can՚t you?

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