Govind Jaiswal-Inspirational Story of Rickshaw Puller՚s Son

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Inspirational Story of Rickshaw Puller՚s Son

A son of Rickshaw puller Govind Jaiswal՚s story is touching. He cracked IAS Exam at just age of 24 years with 48th rank in 2007.

He was born in dismal poverty in Varanasi. And has spent his childhood in rented house with a congested room and his whole family lived in that, so he had not space and scope of time and the right setting for study at all. Despite of all this, he studied with cotton stuffed in his ears due to noise of Printing Machine and generators near his home.

He decided to become IAS officer when his father a rickshaw puller and mother a housewife has sent him to a school in Varanasi. But due to poor condition of family his father doesn՚t afford his study cost.

His family condition become more critical when his father got serious injury in Leg so he started to give maths tuitions to students. For his better study his father has sold a small plot so that he could study at better place like Delhi.

When he finally cleared exam and informed his family that he has passed exam with 48th rank among 474 candidates then his 3 sisters and his father has no limit of joy.

His elder sister says “Beyond this year, my father could not have afforded to send Govind any more money. It was getting very tough for him. Govind was earning ₹ 1,500 from tuitions, I don՚t know what he would have done if he didn՚t make it to the IAS this year. My father could not sleep for 10 days before the results came.”

Govind Jaisawal States – “After Gandhiji, President Kalam has given us a dream and the power to dream. His dream is of a developed India and he is a symbol of many common people՚s dreams” .

A P J Kalam is his Hero from which he gets his inspiration.

If with these conditions, and too much struggle, he can do this so why not you can?

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