IAS Interview Question Part 1

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Q. (1) If you are running in a competition, and if you put the 2nd Position participant behind, then what is your position?

Answer: 2nd Position


  • Think about the running competition. Suppose there are 9 persons in competition and you are also among them.
  • If you just cross the 2nd person, you were in the third place.
  • So, now as you crossed the 2nd person in a competition, you are now in the second position in the race.
  • You are not in the first place because you haven՚t crossed the first person.
  • In a competition you take position means you crossing person.

Q. (2) Which glasses are used in Bullet proof screens?

Answer: Reinforced glass


This Image Shows Reinforced Glass
  • Reinforced glass used in Bullet proof screens because reinfored glass is that glass is close to unbreakable. It is useful for monitoring your nuclear reactor without making a weak spot in your blast wall. It has a blast resistance of 150, the same as reinfored stone. It can not be picked up by any tool onec it is placed.
  • Color of reinforced glass is Transparent and single color.
  • Reinforced glass is also called safety glass.

Q. (3) What is the reason behind the numbers written on the gas cylinders.

Gas Cylinder
  • As LPG Gas cylinders are an important part of our daily life, we should be very careful about while using it because it can be very dangerous.
  • On cylinders there are some numbers written inner side of the metal strips that connect the body of the cylinder to the top ring or handle.
  • It is an alphanumerical number that is A, B, C and D followed by a number.
  • Each letter denotes a quarter of a year.

“A” means January to March,

“B” means April to June,

“C” means July to September,

“D” means October to December

  • B – 13 means expiry date of cylinder is April 2013 to June 2013, so after that date you should not use the cylinder.
  • So while purchasing cylinder next time you must check this number, as using cylinders after the date of expiry can be dangerous.

Q. (4) Why Govt issued 10 ₹ new note in Chocolate Brown Colour?

Reason Behind the 10 ₹ Notes Chocolate Brown Col …
  • The dimension of the new ₹ 10 banknotes is 63mm 123mm. The back sides will also have a Swachh Bharat logo with slogan.
  • The reverse sides of the new ₹ 10 notes have a language panel, motif of the Sun Temple and the Konark, and the denominational numeral 10 written in Devnagari script.
  • The base colour of this note is chocolate brown and it has other designs, geometric patterns aligning with the overall colour scheme, both at the front and black.
  • Chocolate brown colour as the base, the new note will bear the picture of Konark Sun Temple.

Q. (5) Which came first – The Egg or The Chicken?

Which Came First – the Egg or the Chicken
  • The egg laying animals lived long before the chicken arrived. So technically, the egg came before the chicken.
  • Many years ago, when there were no chickens. An animal very identical to chicken (can also called proto - chicken) would have mated with other proto – chiken. The two organisms pass their genes in the form of DNA.
  • Anyhow, the reproduction of DNA is never 100 % proper and usually produces a little change for the new organism. These little changes in DNA could create a new species over thousands of generations.
  • The same happened with proto – chickens and the small genetic changes created the new species called chicken, which grew in egg.