IAS Interview Question Part 10

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Q. (1) Have you seen these random numbers on your TV screen? What they mean?

The What is the Meaning of Random Numbers Are on Yo …
  • These numbers are basically used by content providers to avoid and detect piracy.
  • The numbers that you see on the corner of your TV screen are unique for the every region and are generated using a special algorithm.
  • Once generated, these unique numbers are then inserted into the video streaming at random points and can՚t be taken down using video processing algorithms.
  • Through these numbers, content providers can track down the people responsible for capturing content off air and replaying it over the internet or on some other means without permission.

Q. (2) Why school bus colour is yellow?

Why School Bus Colour is Yellow
  • The school bus colour is yellow not for looks its matter of safety.
  • The school bus yellow is a colour that was specifically formulated for use on school buses in North America in 1939.
  • It became known officially as “National School Bus Chrome” .
  • The colour was selected because black lettering on that hue was easiest to see in the semi – darkness of early morning.
  • Stop signs and stoplights are red, which leads many people to believe red is the most attention-grabbing color. In fact, yellow gets your attention faster than any other color.

Q. (3) Why doesn՚t our heart feel tired even if working throughout our life?

  • Heart muscle does something truly incredible it expands and contract, non – stop, every moment of every day of your entire life. If you tried to squeeze and release the muscles in your hand, they need rest within an hour, but heart never rests.
  • One reason is that the cardiac muscle that comprises the heart is of a different than the skeletal muscle and smooth muscle. It has more mitochondria (power generators) per cell.
  • Second reason is an inherent mechanism of relaxation after every contraction. It may be in milliseconds but it provides rest to the muscle.

Q. (4) Why is doctors handwriting so bad?

Why is Doctors Handwriting So Bad
  • Doctors have done a lot of studies before becoming a doctor, they have passed many exams in very short time.
  • They write a lot in less time to save time. that՚s why their handwriting becomes so bad that people can՚t understand.
  • Doctors have to look for more patients in a short time, for this reason, writing their prescriptions quickly, their writing gets worse.

Q. (5) Why don՚t governments ban cigarettes and other tobacco products if they are so injurious to health?

Why Don՚t Governments Ban Cigarettes and Other Toba …
  • The economics combined with tabacco products occuring to be the main reason behind the government՚s unwillingness to signal the death warrant for cigarettes.
  • If tobacco banned, governments would lose big percent of their revenue.
  • The basic logic is that the nicotine in cigarettes is terribly addictive, so smokers are consumed to cough up the money for their habit.

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