IAS Interview Question Part 4

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Q. (1) What is “Z - PLUS” category security in India?

  • Z plus security is one of highest level of security in India. Z + security is provided to VVIP persons only including president, vice – president, Prime – minister, Governors of state, Chief Minister, Cabinet minister, Supreme Court and High Court judge depending on the threat perception to that person.
  • In the Z- plus category, 36 security personnel are deployed. Among them are10 NSG (The national security guard) and SPG (Special protection group) commandos and the rest are from the police force.
  • The responsibility of the first round of security is with the NSG, while the second layer has the SPG officials. Apart from them, ITBP and CRPF personnel are also deployed in security.

Q. (2) Why do soldiers have short hair ( “Fauji Cut” ) ?

  • We very well know one thing that soldiers have to spend most of their time in the battlefield.
  • During war, they have to wear helmet and certain gadgets. To avoid heat and irritation caused due to long, soldiers keep their hair short.
  • When soldiers target their guns towards enemies, they need to be patient and long hair can trouble then in focusing on the target.
  • Hair strand may also get inside the gun which makes it useless to work. This is also a reason to keep hair short.
  • Short hair dries out easily and soldiers have to cross rivers, get wet in the rain etc. which prevents them from cold.
  • it՚s easy while wearing a helmet for short hairs and keep their head cooler by allowing air flow around the scalp; also they look sharp and smart.

Q. (3) Why hanging is given before Sun rise?

Why Hanging is Given Before Sun Rise

There are multiples reason for this,

This happens for 4 – Legal, Administration, Ethical and Social

  • Legal reason: In India, where death penalty is still in force, model prison manual for the superintendence and management of prisons in India. The execution shall take place early in the morning before it gets bright.
  • Administration reason: The execution being one of the most important tasks of the day for jail authorities is generally carried out in the morning. The hanging follows medical examination, entries in various registers, notes and approval, handing over the dead body to the inmate՚s family.
  • Ethical reason: The inmate on death penalty should not be made to wait for the moment during the day. His punishment is death penalty and not mental agony. He must be woken up few hours before the execution and after doing routine physical chores and prayers. This shall give enough time to the family of inmate to take his body to his native place and for preparing for his last rites.
  • Social reason: Hanging of a person is big news for the society. To restrain the effect of the hanging on collective conscience of the society and to limit any social trauma. So, execution is carried out before the society wakes up to the event.

Q. (4) What does the colour strip on the back of toothpaste or shaving cream mean?

What Does the Colour Strip on the Back of Toothpast …
  • The meaning of the green colour strip (Green square) on the bottom of toothpaste tubes shows its natural.
  • The meaning of the red colour strip (Red square) on the bottom of the toothpaste tubes shows its natural mix with chemical composition.
  • The meaning of the blue colour strip (Blue square) on the bottom of toothpaste tubes shows its natural + medicine.
  • The meaning of the black colour strip (Black square) on the bottom of toothpaste tubes shows its pure chemical.

Q. (5) Why do passports have different colours?

Why Do Passports Have Different Colours
  • Mainly passports colours are red, green, blue, or black, anyhow come in contrasting shades of each of the four main colour groups.
  • There are no hard direction prescribed passport colour, yet there are certain protocols. Geography, legislature and even religion come in to play when a country selects its passport colour.
  • The Swiss passport colour matches their flag, New Zealand՚s passport is black because it is one of their national colours.
  • US have changed the colour of their passport many times over the years. The colour of the American passport was become navy blue in 1976, to match the flag.
  • UK passports, deep red are the colour, the utmost general passport colour with all representative of the European Union, apart from Croatia, sporting a burgundy hue.
  • Since blue passport are typically common in new world countries and Caribbean states, it՚s possible that the deep blue colour of the Indian passport is to make a cultural statement.
  • Most Islamic states use green passports because of the importance of the colour in their religion.

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