Need for IAS Mains Alterations from 2013

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Final IAS Mains 2013 changes and official notification are now available here.

This is the most important question, The aim to change the IAS pattern by eliminating the optional subjects in mains and replacing them with respective mandatory subjects is being taken by experts from a very long time. Even UPSC is dedicated in doing it. Now focus on all those factors which are behind this change and inevitable:

  • To Remove Redundancies: The IAS pattern of testing of candidates in their graduation subjects is of no use. Their subject wise academic knowledge can be easily judged from the degree mark sheets.
  • To get simplicity: The existing system is complicated with dynamic level of difficulties and judgements. Some of the subjects become favorites of candidates because of their high success rates. These factors need a lot of energies of the aspirants. This will be done away with:
  • To get Rationality: The candidates should be tested for their reliability as a Civil Servant and not as a source of information. Thus, only those subjects need to be tested which will give a reasonable idea pertaining to Administrative Skills.
  • To get Equity: As all candidates write the same papers, their answers will be judged on the pre-decided standards. This will get people from all backgrounds to the same platform.

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