IAS Mains Commerce 2020 Topic-wise Important Questions

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Organizational Goals

  1. “Organizations are coalitions of Individuals and groups.” Comment. Does the coalition concept adequately explain goal determination in organizations? Give reasons. (250 words)

  2. “The properties of formal organizations are such that the incongruence between individual objectives and organizational objectives is inevitable.” (Chris Argyris). Critically examine this statement. (250 words)

Accounting Standards

  1. Intangible assets and their treatment in the books of accounts of a firm (2013 Mains)

  2. Provisions of Indian Accounting standards regarding treatment in the books of accounts of a firm. (2013 Mains)

  3. What is revaluation reserve and how it is created ? Discuss also the merits and demerits of such action. (2012 Mains)


  1. Audit procedures to detect cash defalcations

  2. How should an auditor evaluate the cost of gathering evidences for the purpose of audit?

  3. “An auditor expresses an opinion on a company’s financial statements taken as a whole, not on individual items on the statements.” Explain the above statement with examples.

  4. “To arrive at a comprehensive opinion, the auditor reviews evidence that may be classified into three major groups.” What are these groups and how do you relate the components of the groups to the purposes of the audit? (250 words, 2012 Mains)


  1. Discuss how the monetary value of non-monetary consideration is determined for purpose of Service Tax. (150 Words, 2012 Mains)

  2. Discuss the conditions for availing of CENVAT credit under various categories of goods and services. (150 Words, 2013 Mains)

Financial Markets & Institutions

  1. Discuss the Risks associated with variation between loan maturities and liability maturities of commercial banks and minimization of these risks without affecting profitability (150 words, 2013 Mains)

  2. Discuss in brief the techniques of asset liability management in a commercial bank. (150 words, 2012 Mains)

  3. “Rapid financial innovations have led to the emergence of several new near substitutes for money.” Discuss at least two such instruments and analyze their impact on the monetary policy of RBI. (225 words, 2013 Mains)

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