English Most Important Questions Part 1 For 2020 Exam

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  1. Milton’s description of changes in Eve after she ate the forbidden fruit.

  2. Critically comment on the roles played by the sea in the Tempest.

  3. Write an essay on the fusion of man and nature in The Memoriam.

  4. How did Swift portray Gulliver as a divided person in the fourth book of Gulliver’s travels?

  5. Jane Austen focuses on the inner workings of the mind. In the light of the remark comment on Pride and Prejudice.

  6. The Rape of the Lock as a Satire on 18th century ‘polite society’

  7. What are the features that distinguish Jacobean tragedy from the Elizabethan? Discuss with examples.

  8. What do you understand by the term neoclassicism?

  9. What were the major preoccupations of the Victorian writers? Illustrate from the texts you have studied.

  10. Comment on the Caliban Prospero relationship in The Tempest.

  11. What relevance does The Doll’s House have to contemporary life in the 21st century? Give your views.

  12. “The tale is that of the manhunt”. Do you agree with this critical view with reference to Pride and Prejudice?

  13. Consider Tom Jones as a comic epic in prose about a foundling.

  14. Maggie Toliver’s two relationships with Philip Wakem and Stephen Guest were both doomed to failure. Analyze the reason behind this.

  15. Examine the factors behind the growth of political satire in the age of Dryden and Pope.

  16. ‘Both King Lear and The Tempest are concerned with mounting disillusionment about the nature of human power’. Discuss.

  17. Compare and contrast the nature of the fall projected in Book IV and Book IX of Paradise Lost.

    1. Therefore am I still a lover of the meadows and the woods and mountains

    2. Wither has fled the visionary gleam?

    3. Where is now the glory and dream?

    4. Locate the above statements and discuss whether they indicate a shift in Word worth’s perspective.

  18. Comment Pope’s treatment of Belinda in the Rape of the Lock.

  19. In Gulliver’s Travel does the satirist ‘fierce indignation’ verge on misanthropy? Justify your answer.

  20. Derive Marshall’s welfare economics from his concept of consumer surplus after explaining consumer’s surplus along with the underlying assumptions. (2012 – 20 marks)

  21. What is prisoner’s dilemma? How is it related to a strictly dominant industry? (2012 – 20 marks)

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