General Studies Most Important Questions Part 2 for 2020 Exam For 2020 Exam

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Answer the following questions in about 400 words. Each question carries 20 Marks.

  1. The Constitution of India envisages the Finance Commission as the balancing wheel of fiscal federalism in India. Critically Analyse the statement with respect to the relationship between finance commission and the planning commission of India.

  2. The approach paper to 12th Five Year plan says that the Eleventh Plan gave a special impetus to several programmes aimed at building rural and urban infrastructure and providing basic services with the objective of increasing inclusiveness and reducing poverty. Throw light on such programmes and evaluate their role in bringing about inclusiveness.

  3. During the years in which the Indian Parliament has functioned as a sovereign body, there have been remarkable developments in Parliamentary practice and procedure. A noteworthy part of these developments has been in the direction of Parliamentary Committees. Critically examine the functioning on the Parliamentary committees with examples. (200 words)

  4. Explain the mechanism of monsoon. Show the areas which come under the impact of monsoon and describe kind of vegetation found in monsoon climate. (400 words)

  5. “Striving for ethical conduct in day to day administration is easier said than done.” Comment on the statement with a suitable example. (200 words)

  6. Do you think the French Revolution confirmed or contradicted the main political trends of the eighteenth century?

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