IAS Mains General Studies 1981 Paper II

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Time Allowed: Three Hours

Maximum Marks: 300


Answer must be written in the medium specified in the Admission Certificate issued to you, which must be stated clearly on the cover of the answer-book in the space provided for the purpose. No Marks will be given for the answers written in a medium other than that specified in the Admission Certificate. Candidates should attempt all questions strictly in accordance with the instructions given under each question. The number of marks carried by each question is indicated at the end of the question.

Section I

  1. Answer the following

    1. Analyse the causes of controversy in India, in recent years in regard to Union-State relations. What are the specific areas? Consider the main issues and offer your comments and suggestions (About 400 words). 50 OR

    2. What is Parliamentary Democracy? How does the Indian Parliament exercise control over the Union? Can the Parliament have any control over the State Executives/Assess Standing Committees of the Parliament in the exercise (About 400 words)

  2. Answer the following

    1. On growth with stability enunciated as a major goal of the Policy Framework of the Sixth Five Year Plan. Analyse the nature of the task and its operational problems. Examine the feasibility of this objective, keeping in view our process (About 400 words) 50 OR

    2. The ‘Removal of Poverty’ was a principal objective of the Fifth plan has been reiterated in the Sixth Plan. Analyse the problem and the impediments involved. How is this objective likely to be realised during the Sixth Plan (About 400 words)?

  3. Answer the following

    1. Health care for all by 2000 A. D is an important objective of the Sixth Five Year Plan. What steps are being taken for the supply of safe drinking water and provide adquate nutritional safeguards, particularly to the vulnerable sections of the community? What is the present status of preventive medical facilities in our country (About 400 words)? 50 OR

    2. What are the significant achievements of Indian scientists in the context of Space Research? How will space technology be useful for weather prediction, telecommunications and identification of natural resources (About 400 words)?

Section II

  1. Answer any two of the following:

    1. Bring out the significance of the Fundamental Rights provided in the Constitution of India. The right to acquire, hold and dispose of property has ceased to be a fundamental right. Examine the purpose of the change involved.

    2. Why has there been reservation of seats for Scheduled Caste and Tribes in the legislatures and in public services? How the purpose been achieved? Indicate recent developments.

    3. Describe briefly the legislative and executive powers of the President of India. Have there been any changes during the last decade? Offer your comments.

    4. Panchayati Raj has been designed in function as the grass root of democracy in India. Describe its organisational setup. What is the present position? Assess the performances of Panchayati System (Answer to each question on should be in about 150 words).

  2. Answer any two of the following (Answer to each question should be in about 150 words):

    1. Mention the distribution of steel plants in India, with foreign collaboration or assistance, if any. What are the locational advantages enjoyed by each of these plant?

    2. Bring out the findings of the 1981 Census in regard to the growth and variations in rates of growth of population in different parts of the country. How do you account for population explosion during the last three decades? What measures should be adopted for population control?

    3. What is shifting cultivation? Where in India has this been localized to? Consider its consequences and examine the steps taken by Government of prevent this practice.

    4. What are ‘bearer bonds’ Why were special bearer bonds devised in February? What were their budgetary objectives how far such bonds achieved their objectives?

  3. Answer any two of the following (Answer to each question should be in about 150 words): 15 + 15 = 30

    1. What do you understand by ecology? What measures are being taken to preserve the wild flora and fauna and protect the endangered species of animals in India? Name three species for which special measures have been taken to preserve. What are the main objectives of Government science policy? What steps are being taken for the optimum utilisation of manpower, and improvement in the quality of life and technical education?

    2. As the resources of land are getting depleted man his turning to sea the for the supply of his needs. What are the prospects of sea exploration for obtaining our requirements of food, minerals and chemicals, oil and gas?

    3. What is meant by ‘Generic Engineering’ What are the dangers associated with it? Do you recommend we should go ahead in developing this technology (Answer each question in about 150 words)?

Section III

  1. Answer any ten of the following questions: (Answer to each question on should be given in 1 or 2 sentences) 30

    1. Group A

      1. What is the purpose of having a concurrent list in Constitution of India.

      2. What are the functions of the Attrorney General?

      3. Describe the composition and functions of the National Development Council?

      4. Can a member of Parliament be the Minister of a State?

      5. How is the Vice-President of India chosen?

      6. When is a member of the Lok Sabha qualified to be appoint leader of the opposition?

    2. Group B

      1. What is a ‘procurement price’ for foodgrains? What purpose does it serve?

      2. What are ‘multinational corporations’

      3. Why are most jute mills in the neighbourhood River Hoogly?

      4. Which are the terminal stations of the Black Diamond Express? Why is this so named?

      5. Why should we import wheat from USA in spite of bumper harvest in 1980 − 81?

      6. Is it correct to say that the land of India slopes from West to East?

    3. Group C

      1. What is the ‘diamond ring effect’ observed during a solar eclipse? How is it caused?

      2. Astronomers have of late, been discussing ‘black holes’ What is a ‘black holes’

      3. What is greenhouse effect?

      4. What is ‘Jaipur Food’

      5. What is Richter scale used for?

      6. What is ‘biological nitrogen fixation’

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