IAS Geography Optional Analysis Economic Geography Questions 1991 Onwards

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1991: Examine the world patterns of industrial development and explain the problems of industrial development at national levels.

1992: No question.

1993: Give an account of the agricultural typology of the world as presented by Whittlesey and critically examine the parameters used in its delineation.

1994: No question.

1995: No question.

1996: Examine the bases of classification of agricultural regions as proposed by Whittlesey and explain the causes for the essential difference between intensive subsistence tillage with rice dominant and without rice in the crop association.

1997: “Water is a scarce resource in plenty”. Comment and discuss its importance in the balanced habitat development. Support your answer with examples from Asia.

1998: Explain the term resource management. Discuss its relevance in the context of global resource scarcity and the future of mankind.

1998: Examine the impact of advanced agricultural technology on environment. Support your answer with examples.

1999: How far do the patterns of economic development and those of human development correspond with each other in the world? Illustrate your answer with examples.

2000: No question.

2001: Examine the spatial patterns of development disparity prevailing in the world.

2002: No question.

2003: No question.

2004: No question.

2005: Discuss Weber’s theory of industrial location, and assess its relevance in the present-day context.

2006: No question.

2007: Explain the concept of sustainable development and propose a model for agricultural development.

2008: Discuss the views of von Thunen on agricultural location.

2009: (a) Discuss the consequences of Climate Change on agriculture and food security, and on the Coastal Zones of the world.

2009: (b) Provide a geographical account of global production and distribution of food.

2010: Famine to a considerable extent, is a man made Hazard. Elaborate.

2010: Discuss the role of WTO in determining the pattern of World Trade.

2011: Mention the agriculture regions as classified by Whittlessy and discuss their relevance. (150 words)

2012: Problems faced by industries which developed due to inertia. (150 words)

2012: Impact of failure of Monsoon on Gujarat Agro-climate zone. (20 words)

2012: Locational significance of Rotterdam European economy. (250 words)

2013: Role of Venezuela in the production and export of oil. (150 words)

2013: Countries most affected in case of shut-down of Nuclear power. (150 words)

2013: Discuss the changing pattern of production and export of Coffee in the world. (250 words)

2013: Analyze the causes for changes in the pattern of world trade. (400 words)

2014: Discuss environmental and economic problems associated with coal production.

2014: “World is passing through a global resource dilemma.” Comment. 2015: “Energy mix is a step towards sustainability.” Discuss.

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2015: “Energy mix is a step towards sustainability.” Discuss.

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