IAS Geography Optional Analysis Environmental Geography Questions 1991 Onwards

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2000: No question.

2001: No question.

2002: Write an essay on ‘sustainable development’ from the perspective of geography.

2003: No question.

2004: How would the impact of global warming differ from one part of the earth to another Give a reasoned account.

2005: Bring out the major problems of environmental pollution at global scale and suggest measures to check it.

2006: Discuss the global ecological imblances and their managements.

2007: No question.

2008: No question.

2009: Explain factors contributing to the Global Climate Change.

2010: No Question

2011: No Question

2012: Discuss how different types of mining lead to different types of environmental problem (400 words)

2013: Impact of Pleistocene Ice Age on the crust of the Earth. (150 words)

2013: Types of endemic plants and their degree of vulnerability to extinction. (150 words)

2013: What are the characteristics that make CHC a serious threat to the ecosystem? Give examples. (250 words)

2013: Explain the levels of Noise pollution and the legislative measures to control it. (400 words)

2013: “Urban Solid Waste Management poses the greatest challenge in Metropolitan planning.” Elaborate. (250 words)

2014: Enumerate the major causes of increasing degradation of environment in hills and hillslopes, and state its down-valley impact.

2014: Give a critical account of reasons and consequences of marine pollution.

2015: Comment on the impact of environmental education on quality of life.

2015: Discuss the methods of conserving biodiversity for sustainable development.

2015: “Man-induced famines are becoming more common than nature-induced ones.” Comment.

2015: Explain the different stages of ecological adaptation of man and bring out the changing balance between man and environment.

2016: Give a reasoned account on how the impact of Global Warming differs from one part of the Earth to the other.

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2016: Write a critical note on the tendency of “use and throw” in the context of economic status and environment.

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