IAS Geography Optional Analysis Industries Questions 1991 Onwards

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1991: Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Industrial Centralisation with specific examples. (Short notes).

1992: Types of rural industries and their basis in Rajasthan, Gujarat region. (Short notes).

1993: Growth of agro-based industries in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. (Short notes).

1993: Identify the important periods of industrialization in India and analyses the character of the two most developed industrial regions.

1994: Identification of industrially backward areas and problems in their development. (Short notes).

1994: Draw a sketch-map to delineate the major industrial complexes of India and discuss their important characteristics.

1995: Recent changes in India’s basic industrial policy.

1995: Examine critically the factors for the localization of iron and steel industry in India with special reference to the newer centres of steel production.

1996: Analyses the factors for the localization of either the cotton textile or the sugar industry in India and note the recent trends in the industry.

1997: Analyse the locational pattern of cement industry in India (Short notes).

1997: Critically examine the locational pattern and trend of production of forest based industries in India.

1998: Examine the importance of industrial estates in India (Short notes).

1998: Bring out the trends in the development of fertilizer industry in India.

1999: Discuss the factors for the localisation of either the cement or the cotton textile industry in India and analyse the pattern of its distribution.

2000: Discuss the growth, location and distribution of iron and steel industries in India.

2001: Describe the growth, characteristic and distribution pattern of India’s industrial regions.

2002: No question.

2003: No question.

2004: No Question

2005: No Question

2006: Trace the evolution of industries in India and evaluate the role of multinational and liberalisation policies in this context.

2007: Bring out the impact of multinational and liberalisation on the Industrial Economy/Pattern of India.

2008: Explain the factors promoting the rapid growth and development of the automobile industry in India giving suitable examples.

2009: Examine the role of raw materials in the location of the Iron and Steel Industry in India. Illustrate your answer with suitable examples.

2010: No Question

2011: Asess the scope and development of Pharmaceutical Industry in India. (30 marks)

2012: Describe the development of textile industries in India.

2012: Identify the spatial pattern of agro-industrial regions of India. Analyse the potentiality of Malwa as an important agro-industrial region of the future. (20 marks)

2013: Identify the main industrial clusters of India and account for their development. (150 words)

2013: Explain the role of multinational in globalization of industries in India. (150 words)

2013: Discuss the problems in realization of benefits of globalization and liberalization in industrial sector of India. (150 words)

2014: Describe the problems of agro-based industries in India in general and cotton textiles in particular.

2014: What are the desired possible changes in our trade policy to promote the development of cottage industry?

2015: Why does the pharmaceutical industry concentrate largely in the western region of the country?

2015: Why is the traditional crafts industry in India on the decline?

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2016: Explain “Isodapane”.

2016: Give a critical account of Losch’s theory of central places.

2016: Explain the New Industrial Policies in India.

2016: “The Bokaro Iron and Steel Plant is an example of Industrial Complex.” Explain.

2016: Analyze the location, distributional pattern and problems of cotton textile industries in India.

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