IAS Geography Optional Analysis Models, Theories and Laws in Human Geography Questions 1991 Onwards

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1991: No question.

1992: Discuss on the theories of Industrial location propounded by any two of the following: Weber: Hoover and Smith.

1993: Define umland and discuss, with specific examples, the criteria for its delimitation.

1994: Discuss Van Thunen’s model of agricultural land use and examine if the model is applicable to India.

1995: Explain and illustrate the models of internal structure of cities as proposed by Burgess and Hoyt. Mention also the limitations of these models.

1996: No question.

1997: Critically examine Alfred Weber’s Theory of the Location of Industries.

1998: No question.

1999: No question.

2000: Explain the basis and applicability of Christallar’s Central place theory. Bring out the recent modification.

2001: No question.

2002: No question.

2003: Critically examine the stages of Economic Growth Model propounded by Rostov. Illustrate your answer with suitable examples.

2004: To what extent are the Heartland and Rimland theories helpful in understanding the world political situation today? Express your opinion clearly.

2005: Examine the Heart -Land theory, and assess its merits and demerits.

2006: Write down main agriculture types and their associated features with special reference to Whittlesey. Show these regions on the World map provided to you.

2007: No question.

2008: No question.

2009: No question.

2010: No question.

2011: Isodapne in the Theory of Industrial Location. (12 marks)

2011: Distinguish between boundaries and frontiers. Identify different types of boundaries. (30 marks)

2011: Discuss Systems Approach and its applicability in Geography. (30 marks)

2012: No Question.

2013: What are the basic postulates in the Central Place Model of Christaller? (250 words)

2014: No Question.

2015: Discuss the relevance of Von Thunen’s model on agricultural location in the contemporary context.

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