IAS Geography Optional Analysis Oceanography Questions 1991 Onwards

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1991: Draw a hypsographic curve to represent the major physiographic units of the ocean and comment on their permanently.

1992: No question.

1993: Give a reasoned account of the distribution of salinity in the oceans and partially enclosed seas.

1994: No question.

1995: No question.

1996: Explain the illustrate the ocean floor topography and give a detailed account of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.

1997: Examine critically the theories of the formation of coral reefs and atolls.

1998: Explain and illustrate the submarine relief of the Atlantic Ocean.

1999: No question.

2000: No question.

2001: No question.

2002: No question.

2003: Present a concise account of bottom relief of the Indian Ocean.

2004: Discuss the mid-Atlantic Ridge in terms of its origin extent and relief.

2005: No question.

2006: No question.

2007: Discuss the different bases for classifying the ocean deposits and give a detailed account of pelagic deposits of the oceans.

2008: Describe the ideal conditions for coral reef formation and discuss the glacial control theory of coral reef formation.

2009: (a) Examine economic significance of the resources of the Continental shelf of the Indian Ocean.

2009: (b) Comment on marine heat budget and the oceanic circulation system.

2010: Ocean Deposits (Short Notes)

2010: Methods (Scientifically sound) of bathymetry and account of bottom topography of atlantic ocean

2011: ‘’Temperature, salinity and density differences in ocean water are the prime causes of ocean water circulation.’’ Elaborate. (30 marks)

2012: Different layers of ocean water above abyssal plain. (150 words)

2012: ‘ Atolls present the most challenging explanation in the evolution of coral reefs’. Discuss (250 words)

2013: “Offshore Acoustic Study helped the development of the concept of sea floor spreading.” Explain. (250 words)

2013: Compare the Subsidence and Glacial control theories on the formation of coral reefs. (400 Marks)

2013: Analyse the reasons for a comparatively poorer development of fishing grounds in tropical areas. (250 words)

2014: Illustrate the origin and nature of Sargasso Sea and Lagoon.

2014: Give an account of recent observations on coral bleaching with reference to Clive Wilkinson’s Report.

2015: Describe the characteristics of different types of pelagic deposits.

2016: Discuss Maritime Zones.

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