IAS Geography Optional Analysis Perspectives In Human Geography Questions 1991 Onwards

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1991: Explain the major contribution by Arab geographers of the early medieval period in the development of geographic thought.

1992: Give a comparative assessment of the works of Humboldt and Ritter leading to the foundation of modern geographical thought.

1993: No question.

1994: Examine critically the concepts of ‘determinism; and possibilism. Bring out the significance of regional concept.

1995: Discuss the contributions of Al Biruni towards the development of geographical knowledge.

1996:”The emergence of Behavioural Geography was due to the disillusionment with anxioms on which models were based and the axioms were far removed from reality”. Comment.

1997: Critically examine the concept of dualism with special reference to physical versus human geography.

1998: What is understood by quantification in Geography? Discuss the significance of quantification in modern geographical studies with examples.

1999: Describe the sequence of major paradigm shifts in geographic thought during the twentieth century.

2000: No question.

2001: Discuss the concept and application of systems analysis in human geography.

2002: No question.

2003: Present a critical analysis of human and welfare approaches in Human Geography.

2004: Distinguish between radical and welfare approaches in geographic studies.

2005: No question.

2006: No question.

2007: No question.

2008: No question.

2009: ‘Quantitative Revolution and model building provided an empirical basis for geographical research’ - Elaborate.

2009: Provide a broad classification of world cultural regions.

2010: Critically examine the method of deriving Human development index.

2010: Critically examine the changing perspective of the concept of areal differences.

2011: Welfare Approach in Human Geography (12 marks)

2011: Discuss the impact of positivism in paradigm shift in Geography (30 marks)

2012: No Question

2013: “Ellen Churchill Semple is an ardent supporter of Determinism.” (150 words)

2013: Explain the parameters for assessment and the spatial pattern of Human Development Index in the world. (250 words)

2014: Elaborate the concept of mental map.

2014: Critically analyze application of models in Geography.

2014: Discuss the contribution of geographers in the development of radical geography.

2014: Giving suitable examples, describe the importance of system analysis in geographical studies.

2015: “The welfare face of geography makes it an interdisciplinary subject.” Elaborate.

2015: Discuss the contributions of the American School of Subaerial Denudation in geomorphology.

2015: “Regional synthesis is the crux of geographical studies.” Elaborate

2015: Cultural regions are the most suited units to study the diversity of an area”. Comment.

2015: Discuss the approaches to the study of behavioural geography

2015: “There is a rejuvenation of environmentalism as a paradigm in geographical studies.” Comment.

2015: “Marx’s view on population is more humanistic.” Comment.

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2016: “Areal differentiation forms the core theme in Geography.” Explain.

2016: Elaborate the idea of ‘Compage’.

2016: Trace the origin and progress of Quantitative Revolution in Geography and bring out its merits and demerits.

2016: Discuss the relevance of ‘Stop and Go Determinism’ in the present day context.

2016: Describe the major tribal regions of India and their problems.

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