IAS Geography Optional Analysis Political Aspects Questions 1991 Onwards

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1991: Discuss the political issues involved in the ‘Tin Bigha’ or Siachen dispute. (Short notes).

1992: No question.

1993: Examine critically the geographical basis of the Indian federation.

1994: Problems of militancy in India’s border states. (Short notes).

1995: Importance of India in the geopolitics of the Indian Ocean realm. (Short notes).

1996: Geographical basis of the Indian Federation. (Short notes).

1997: Explain the basis and consequences of the establishment and implementation of recommendations of the State Re-organisation Commission in India since 1950s.

1998: Discuss the geopolitical importance of Indian Ocean area. (Short notes).

1999: Regional consciousness versus national integration in India. (Short notes).

2000: No question.

2001: Discuss the geopolitical importance of India’s Land Boundaries.

2002: No question.

2003: No question.

2004: No question.

2005: No question

2006: No Question

2007: No Question

2008: Critically examine the bases of state reorganisation in India since independence.

2009: No Question

2010: No Question

2011: No Question

2012: No Question

2013: No Question

2014: Discuss the implications of India’s strategic location with reference to the Indian Ocean.

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2014: India is involved in a number of border disputes. Explain the reasons and remedies.

2015: How has India’s ‘Look East’ policy taken shape in the past two decades and how it may affect India’s external trade?

2015: Indian island territories are vulnerable to the sea level rise. Explain.

2015: Give a reasoned account of river water disputes related to the River Krishna.

2016: Define and differentiate between boundaries and frontiers. Describe the geometrical boundaries with suitable examples.

2016: Mention the space relationship of India with neighbouring countries. (In about 150 words)

2016: Explain the role of India in the geo-politics of South Asia.

2016: Explain the origin, dimension and implications of Sino-Indian border dispute.

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