IAS Geography Optional Analysis Regional Development And Planning Questions 1991 Onwards

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1991: Discuss the changes brought about in Indian agriculture by the successive Five-Year Plans, mentioning their successes and failures.

1992: Examine critically the advantages and disadvantages of multi-level planning with special reference to India.

1993: Discuss briefly the overall pattern of inter-regional trade in India. (Short notes).

1994: Discuss the growth of regional planning in India and account for regional disparities in development.

1995: Give the hierarchy of planning regions and bring out the role of metropolitan planning in fostering regional development in India.

1996: Explain the criteria used in the identification of drought prone areas in India. (Short notes).

1996: Magnitude of regional imbalances in economic development in India. (Short notes).

1997: Evaluate the benefits of Block Level development planning in India. (Short notes).

1997: Draw a sketch map of India showing major river basins. Examine the feasibility of the concept of river basins as a planning unit.

1998: No question.

1999: Nature and utility of multi-level planning in India.

1999: Analyse the causes of regional disparities in the economic development of India and suggest measures for their removal.

2000: No question.

2001: Provide the geographical background and characteristics of the distribution of Hill Stations of India. (Short notes)

2001: Explain the concept of watershed and its utility in land management.

2002: Give a reasoned account of regional disparities in economic development in India and bring out the contribution of decentralised planning in solving this problem

2003: Discuss the programmes and policy development of dry areas in India.

2003: Present an account of the experience of regional planning in India in the context of Damodar Valley.

2004: Examine the regional development policy of India in various Five Year Plans.

2005: Give an account of the distribution of flood-prone areas of controlling the impact of floods in the country.

2005: Examine the relationship between geography and regional planning

2005: Discuss the experiences of regional planning in India in the context of the National Capital.

2006: Present an account of tribals, tribal areas and their problems in India.

2007: No Question.

2008: Discuss the problems and prospects of development of catchment and command areas.

2009: No Question.

2010: What is regionalism and Discuss how regionalism affects the development process with suitable examples.

2011: Discuss the spatial pattern of intra-regional migration in India and examine its implications in regional development (30 marks)

2011: Identify the ravine-affected areas in India and discuss the environmental and economic impact of their reclamation (30 marks)

2012: Elucidate the role of Tribal Development Blocks in the development of Tribal areas.(20 marks)

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2013 : Planning and development of ‘Tribal Regions’ in India.(150 words)

2013: Enumerate the basic indicators of development and explain their application in identification of the spatial diversity in development in India. (150 words)

2014: Comment on the criteria of identifying Drought Prone Areas in India.

2014: Evaluate the Backward Regions Grant Fund Programme.

2014: How can a meaningful skill development programme contribute to the economic growth of hill areas?

2014: Discuss the concept of Command Area Development and evaluate its success with reference to Indira Gandhi Canal.

2015: Discuss the relationship of watershed approach to village level planning. (In about 150 words)

2015: Decentralized planning through the strengthening of the Panchayat systems is the focus of planning in India in recent times. Suggest a blueprint for an integrated regional development plan.

2015: Is planning for a cluster of villages a viable option, when planning for backward areas of the country? Discuss with suitable examples.

2015: Discuss the concept of multi-level planning as practised in India, and explain the implications of 73rd and 74th Constitutional Amendments in this respect.

2015: "Vital statistics are necessary ingredients for development planning.” Elaborate.

2015: Reduction in regional disparities has been one of the priority goals of national planning in India. How the proposed new Smart urban centres may contribute to the process?

2016: Discuss the application of Gravity model in Geographical studies.

2016: In what ways can geographers contribute towards optimal land use planning in a region?

2016: Explain the impact of economic development on environmental degradation in India. (In about 200 words)

2016: Examine the causes of regional disparities in economic development in India

2016: Describe the causes and effects of urbanization in India and explain its impact on rural landscape and urban ecology.

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