IAS Geography Optional Analysis Regional Planning Questions 1991 Onwards

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1991: No question.

1992: No question.

1993: No question.

1994: Oil has placed in the hands of Arab nations a tremendous geopolitical weapon with which to wield power. Comment.

1995: No question.

1996: “Without the Mediterranean Europe could not be held, without the Middle East the Mediterranean could not be held”. Discuss.

1997: No question.

1998: No question.

1999: No question.

2000: What is a region? Discuss the types of regions and methods of regionalization.

2001: Critically examine the role of growth centres and growth poles in regional development process.

2002: To what extent do the regional patterns of economics development and human development in the world correspond with each other? Highlight situations of departure, in particular.

2003: No question.

2004: Discuss various strategies for correcting regional imbalances.

2005: What is a region? Discuss the methods of regionalisation

2006: What is the concept of region? Discuss the types of regions.

2007: No question.

2008: No question.

2009: Highlight the significance of environmental issues in Regional Planning.

2011: Ingredients of Sustainable Development (12 marks)

2011: Enumerate alternative strategies of planning for backward regions.

2012: Salient feature of watershed planning and its advantages and disadvantages, (20 words)

2013: Misra’s theoretical stages of Rural-Urban Process. (150 words)

2014: Explain the relevance of bottom-up and top-down approaches in the development of agrarian economy.

2014: Explain the necessary conditions of take-off and subsequent stages of development of a nation as propounded by Rostow.

2015: “Development planning has a component of environmental cost.” Discuss.

2015: “Geographical traits lead to regional imbalances.” Examine.

2015: “Vital statistics are necessary ingredients for development planning.” Elaborate.

2015: “Regional synthesis is the crux of geographical studies.” Elaborate.

2015: Decentralized planning through the strengthening of the Panchayat system is the focus of planning in India in recent times. Suggest a blueprint for an integrated regional development plan.

2015: Discuss the concept of multi-level planning as practised in India, and explain the implications of 73rd and 74th Constitutional Amendments in this respect.

2016: What is a ‘region’? Describe ‘Thiessen’ polygon method of regional delimitation.

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2016: “Linkages between resource-endowed regions and resource–utilizing regions determine the pattern of international trade.” Elaborate with suitable examples.

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