IAS Geography Optional Analysis Resources Questions 1991 Onwards

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1991: No question.

1992: Explain the distribution of major mineral resources of the Deccan plateau together with the extent of their exploitation.

1993: Explain the geographical factors responsible for the growth of mangrove vegetation in India and discuss its role in coastal ecology. (Short notes).

1993: Critically examine the marine resources of India and discuss the problems encountered in their development.

1994: Examine the forest resources of India and explain the principles of conservation which could be applied to improve the forest wealth of India.

1995: Examine the origin and characteristics of the soils of the North Indian Plain. (Short notes).

1995: Examine the fossil fuel resources of India with particular reference to the present and future demands for energy.

1996: Discuss the distribution and characteristics of the evergreen forest in India. (Short notes).

1996: Critically examine the metalliferous mineral resources of India with particular reference to their present and future demand.

1997: No question.

1998: Examine the resources of Andaman and Nicobar Island. (Short notes).

1998: Bring out the present day position of exploitation and processing of nuclear minerals in India.

1998: Examine the pattern of distribution and mode of exploitation of bauxite in India.

1999: Examine the need for conservation of biotic resources in India. (Short notes).

2000: No question.

2001: Explain the sequence of vegetation zones of the Himalayas. (Short notes)

2002: No question.

2003: No question.

2004: Identify the important biotic-resource of India. Highlight, in brief the problems and remedial measures of biotic resource conservation in India.

2005: “Non convention energy is the energy of the future in India.” Justify this statements.

2006: No Question

2007: Discuss the need of conservation and utility of water resource in India.

2008: No Question

2009: Discuss the formation and their distribution of the major soil types of India.

2010: Discuss the spatial distribution of nature vegetation in India with help of sketch map.

2010: Discuss the emerging pattern of surface water utilization in India.

2011: Give an account of potentiality and prospects of development of marine resources of India. (30 marks)

2012: Delineate the mineral belts of India and mention their distinctive features. (30 marks)

2013: Delineate the coalfields of India and mention their distinctive features. (150 words)

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2014: Location of thermal power plants and coal fields in India are not mutually conducive. Analyze.

2014: Suggest the measures of wild-life conservation with reference to extinction of rare species.

2015: Account for the geographical distribution of groundwater resources of India. How serious is its depletion in recent decades

2015: Explain how change in land use can promote eco-development at different levels in the country. (In about 150 words)

2016: Identify the important biotic resources regions of India and highlight their problems.

2016: Give an account of the development of renewable resources of India.

2016: Evaluate the impact of technology on resource utilization in India.

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