IAS Geography Optional Analysis Transport, Communication And Trade Questions 1991 Onwards

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1991: Analyse the role of different types of transport in the commodity flows of the Delta regions of East India.

1991: Give an account of the major groups of agro based industries of India. Critically examine their contribution to regional economy and rural employment.

1992: Discuss the basis on which the current network of Airways is built in India, highlighting its role in the overall transportation milieu.

1993: Discuss briefly the overall pattern of inter-regional trade in India.

1994: Competitive and complementary character of the Indian rail-route and road network.

1995: Role of rural market centres in promoting intra and inter-regional trade. (Short notes).

1996: Geographical impediments in the development of inland waterways in India. (Short notes).

1997: Discuss the nature of commodity flows in India.

1998: Evaluate the feasibility of the proposed GangaCauveriDrainage link. (Short notes).

1998: Explain the role of railways as a unifying factor in Indian economy. (Short notes).

1999: Critically examine the complementary and competitive character of the Indian rail-routes and the road network.

2000: No question.

2001: No question.

2002: Discuss the oil and natural gas pipeline networks in India. Highlight their complementary role in regional development.

2003: Discuss the growing importance of ports in foreign trade of India.

2004: Give a comparative account of the development of River Water Transport in Pre-colonial and Post-independence in regional development

2005: What is the Golden Quadrilateral? Discuss the progress made in its execution and impacts on India economy

2006: No Question

2007: No Question

2008: No Question

2008: No Question

2009: No Question

2010: No Question

2011: Assess the growing importance of air transport in India and examine its role in the regional development of the country.

2012: Examine the role of road transport in regional development taking suitable examples from an area you have studies in detail. (20 marks)

2013: No question.

2014: Discuss the problems and prospects of National Waterway No. 1

2015: Evaluate the contribution of Communication and Information Technology to the development of economy and society, and examine the relevance of the recently launched ‘Digital India’ programme.

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2016: Bring out the development of river water transport in India and its role in regional development.

2016: Analyze the pattern of India’s trade with the S-E Asian countries.

2016: Explain with suitable examples the role of road transport in agricultural development in India.

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