Mapping – Key Aspect in Geography for UPSC IAS Mains

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According to past four-year papers of IAS exam, candidates might be expecting more realistic questions which are directly or indirectly related to current affairs.

  • UPSC have lots of the sources to make factual questions.

  • Maps are important in UPSC IAS Prelims, mains and in the interview also.

  • To know how many countries are there, where they are located, we familiar with world map looks but how many of you know the location of Baikal Lake, South Korea.

  • Maps provide depth information about the different countries, political boundaries of countries, physical and geographical features of landform etc.

Map Topics

Following topic related maps are helpful to give questions answer. These topics are covered on the basis of previous year papers of IAS.

  • Physical geography map:

    • It is a branch of Geography and Earth Sciences.

    • This map helps to understand topic like Vegetation, ocean currents, climate, rivers, mountains etc.

  • Human geography map:

    • To study of people and cultures, communities economies etc.

    • Map give’s a clear idea about where it is located, capital cities, important cities, transport connectivity, waterways, mineral deposits etc.

  • History:

    This map helpful to study India’s civilization, history, ancient places, locations of archaeological excavations, importance cultural places.

  • Infrastructure:

    Help you to study the various national initiatives like Golden Quadrilateral highway network, river-interlinking projects etc.

  • International relations:

    • Helps to improve your UPSC IAS Mains exam preparation, especially for General studies Paper II.

    • Many new developments and projects can be clearly understood through study this map.

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