UPSC IAS Mains Geography Optional for Non-Geography Students

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  • Choice an optional subject in which you can hope to clear the exam.

  • Thousands of people appearing with Geography subjects. So, difficult to outshine against them in answers.

  • If you are engineering or non–geography students and you think engineering or other optional subjects are bad scaling and you choose geography subjects.

  • So, tips of geography optional preparation for Non-geography students.

  • Studying 35 to 40 books for Geography optional is not the correct method.

  • Read the post and blog articles.

  • Try to complete every single topic in 10 to 12 minutes.

  • Fundamentals of geography and mapping are important.

  • In map questions, marks are divided on the basis of map location and information about location.

  • GS or essay preparation for the geography optional subject, it covers the GS geography, environment, climate change and other related sections.

  • Not all Geography optional questions are such that you can draw diagrams but some question like as you find opportunity.

  • ‘’Contemporary issues’’ are important topic for preparation for GS.

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