IAS Mains Geog Paper 1 2013 Section B

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IAS Geography 2013 Paper Paper1 Section B

5(a) “Ellen Churchill Semple is an ardent supporter of Determinism.” Explain.

  • American School

  • Supporter of Environmental determinism

  • Worked along with Huntington and Taylor

  • Influenced by Darwin and Ratzel

5(b) Role of Venezuela in the production and export of oil.

  • World's largest exporters of oil & world's largest proven oil reserves at an estimated 296.5 billion barrels (20% of global reserves) as of 2012.

  • In 2008, crude oil production in Venezuela was the tenth-highest in the world at 2,394,020 barrels per day (380,619 m3/d)

  • 8th largest net oil exporter in the world.

  • Founder member of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC).

    Q.5(b) Image

    Q.5(B) Image

    Q.5(b) Image

5(c) Misra’s theoretical stages of Rural – Urban Process.

Central Village at local levelService Center at micro regional levelGrowth Point at sub regional levelGrowth Center at regional levelGrowth Point at national level

5(d) Countries most affected in case of shut-down of Nuclear power.

  • Of 30 countries with nuclear power plants, only France, Hungary, Slovakia and Ukraine use them mainly for electricity

  • Belarus, Iran, Jordan, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates and Vietnam are against it

  • China, India and South Korea are pursuing ambitious expansions of their nuclear power capacities

    Q.5(d) Image

    Q.5(D) Image

    Q.5(d) Image

5(e) Relevance of Heartland theory in Contemporary world.

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Relevance of Heartland theory in Contemporary world

Heartland Theory in Contemporary World

Relevance of Heartland theory in Contemporary world

6(a) What is Geriatrics ? What are the problems associated with Geriatric population ?

  • The word implies elderly (old age) (20 million in 1951 to 57 million in 1991 & projected at 324 million by 2050 in India)

  • Health Issues

  • Dependency ratio

  • Population Pyramid

  • Recent: National Policy on Older Persons, National Old Age Pension Program, Annapurna Program

  • NGOs like Help Age India

  • Cochin - Urban Community Dementia Services

6(b) Discuss the changing pattern of production and export of Coffee in the world.

The changing pattern of production and export of Coffee in the world

Production and Export of Coffee in the World

The changing pattern of production and export of Coffee in the world

6(c) What are the basic postulates in the Central place Model of Christaller?


7(a) “Urban Solid Waste Management poses the greatest challenge in Metropolitan planning.” Elaborate.

  • Generation, reduction, reuse, recycling, handling, collection, transfer and transport, transformation (e.g., recovery and treatment), and disposal

  • Dr. Burman Report - Prohibit street littering, organize a waste-collection system, conduct awareness programs, provide adequate community storage facilities and color-coded bins, promote segregation at the source, covered transport vehicles, process waste through appropriate technologies including the composting, recycling, and recovery of materials

7(b) Analyse the reasons for a comparatively poorer development of fishing grounds in tropical areas.

7(c) Explain the parameters for assessment and the spatial pattern of Human Development Index in the world.

The spatial pattern of Human Development

The Spatial Pattern of Human Development

The spatial pattern of Human Development

8(a) Urban Geography is nothing but city “in” area and city “as” area. Elaborate.

  • City as Area: Internal Morphology and Locational aspect – Sector Theory, Multiple Nuclei theory, role of CBD

  • City in Area: Within an area why? – Growth theories, Christaller and Losch Model, Rank Size rule, Primate City, functional roles of city in a larger region (REASON with examples)

8(b) Analyse the causes for changes in the pattern of world trade.

Specialization fuelled by Globalization

Regional Blocs – EU & NAFTA (trade creation), outside blocs we can see trade diversions

Economies moving towards energy independence

Polarization and Nationalism - Make in India

Recent: Brexit, ISIS

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