IAS UPSC (CSE) Mains 1988: Geology

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Section A

  1. Explain any three of the following in about 200 words:

    1. Criteria for identifying unconfirmities in the field

    2. Landforms in relation to the nature of rocks

    3. Isotopic dating of rocks

    4. Mid oceanic ridges and deep sea trenches

  2. What are Geosynclines? Give their significance and explain them vis-a-vis concept of plate tectonics.

  3. Write short essay on Earthquakes giving Indian examples.

  4. Give the genetic classification of folds with suitable diagram.

Section B

  1. Answer any three of the following, each in about 200 words:

    1. Neogene-Quatemary boundary

    2. Classification of Gondwanas

    3. Dentition in Bivalves

    4. Evolution and migration of Elephants

  2. Describe the evolutionary changes effecting the Trilobite Cephalic shield.

  3. Give the Pri-Cambrian Geology of Singhbhum area.

  4. Discuss the role of microfossils in exploration for mineral fuels.


Section A

  1. Write notes on any three of the following in about 200 words:

    1. Twinning in crystals

    2. Dispersion

    3. Types of bondings

    4. Optic orientation

  2. Give the physical properties, chemical composition and use of ‘Feldspars’

  3. Explain how X-ray studies are used in mineralogical investigation.

  4. Describe important sedimentary structures and textures and their depositional significance.

Section B

  1. Write notes on any three of the following in about 200 words:

    1. Bowens Reaction principle

    2. Placer deposits

    3. Diagenesis

    4. Gossan

  2. Write an essay on ‘Granites’

  3. Given a brief account of the coal resources of India.

  4. What is groundwater? What role geology plays in its study? Discuss the importance of groundwater

in the Indian context.

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