History Most Important Questions Part 2 For 2020 Exam

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  1. What the impact was of early British land policy on the village communities of North India? [2003 , 60 marks]

  2. ‘Permanent Settlement disappointed many expectations and introduced there results that were not anticipated’ [2004 , 200 words]

  3. “Though the Permanent Settlement had serious defects, it gave tranquility to the countryside and stability to the government”. Comment. [2009, 200 words]

  4. Trace and explain the growth of landlordism in the Ryotwari areas (400 Words)

  5. Sir Charles Napier said, “We have no right to seize Sind, yet we shall do so, and a very advantageous, useful, humane piece of rascality it will be”. Comment [200 words;2000,1990,1984]

  6. “The writings of the philosophers had a tremendous influence on the minds of the people and created a revolutionary awakening in their minds and formed the intellectual creed of the French Revolution” (250 Words)

  7. “What mattered in 1789- and what made men revolutionary almost in spite of themselves was the whole revolutionary situation’; and in producing that situation the work of the philosophers played no very important role.” Comment. (250 Words)

  8. ‘Napoleon was the child of the Revolution, but in many ways he reversed the aims and principles of the movement from which he sprang.’ Examine (200 Words)

  9. Discuss the view that Louis XIV of France was a great king-’the grand monarch.’

  10. ‘The scale, splendor and organized power of the monarchy of Louis XIV were something new in Europe.’ Examine.

  11. The American War of Independence “deprived Great Britain of one empire, but it strengthened the foundations of another”. Examine. (250 Words)

  12. To some extent, the American War of Independence inspired the French Revolution. Examine (250 Words)

  13. How did Napoleon Bonaparte heal the wounds of France inflicted by the Revolution and correct the errors perpetrated by its leaders? (250 Words)

  14. ‘The Napoleonic Empire was doomed because of its inherent and self-defeating contradictions’. Elucidate.

  15. ‘The French Revolution attacked privileges and not property’. Comment.

  16. ’What were the factors that worked in the drafting of the American Constitution? Do you agree with Beard’s view of the constitution being an Economic Document?

  17. To what extent did Napoleon’s economic war with England become his undoing? Examine. (250 Words)

  18. “The Anglo-Japanese Treaty (1962) marks a milestone in the development of Japan as an Asiatic power.” Examine. (250 Words)

  19. “Stalinist Russia was a despotic regime.” Critically examine this view.

  20. Discuss the main factors leading to the collapse of the Soviet Union.

  21. ‘The Security Council is the heart of the United nations’. Examine.

  22. Analyze the factors leading to the end of the Cold war and account for the U.S. ascendancy in the world.

  23. Analyze the factors for the collapse of Soviet Communism and Soviet Union during 1985-1991.

  24. “NATO in many ways symbolized the key role that the United States had come to play in Europe” Comment.

  25. “By the 1980s, the Communist system of the Soviet Union was incapable of maintaining the country’s role as a Superpower.” Explain this statement.

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