IAS Mains Law 2020 Topic-wise Important Questions

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Constitutional Law

  1. Has judiciary been a hindrance or a facilitator in the interpretation of Directive Principles? Examine in the light of various judgments of the Supreme Court. (150 Words)

  2. “Fundamental duties are only ethical or moral duties and should not form a part of the Fundamental law.” Comment. (150 Words)

  3. Is ‘Commercial advertisement’ covered within the ambit of ‘freedom of speech and expression’? Discuss with reference to leading cases. (150 Words)

  4. Critically examine the constitutional validity of an amendment deleting Article 16(4) and authorizing the State to make job reservation in favor of the backward classes of citizens.

  5. Doctrine of equality under the Constitution cannot be applied to legitimize an illegal act. Can equality be invoked to justify another wrong? Critically examine with reference to cases.

  6. Do you agree with the view that “Equality is antithesis of arbitrariness? In fact equality and arbitrariness are sworn enemies”? Comment critically.

  7. “The Constitution of India merely subscribes to three-fold division of gubernatorial functions and not to the doctrine of separation of powers in its absolute rigidity.” Comment.

  8. The goals specified in the Preamble contain basic structure of our Constitution, which cannot be amended under Article 368. Elaborate in context of leading cases.

  9. What restrictions Constitutional Amendment (44th) has imposed to check misuse of proclamation of emergency? Discuss.

International Law

  1. “A pirate is subject to arrest, trial and punishment by all States on the ground that he is an enemy of mankind”. Examine whether the same principle is applied to a hijacker of an aircraft.

  2. Discuss whether the redirecting of an aircraft by its pilot without authorization would fall foul of the international conventions related to hijacking.

  3. Write an explanatory note on state sponsored terrorism.

  4. Discuss the merits and demerits of the International Criminal Court in the light of India’s opposition to it.

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