IAS Mains Management 2020 Topic-wise Important Questions

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Organisational Behaviour

  1. What is the role of non-financial incentives over the financial incentives?

  2. “Process management theory was one step ahead of scientific management”. Do you agree with this statement? Explain various factors considered by Fayol. Discuss principles of management propagated by him. Are they still valid in the present environment?

  3. Explain Systems Theory to manage an organization. What are its drawbacks?

  4. What environmental factors have influence on individual behavior. Discuss

  5. Explain individual behavior. What is its relationship with intrinsic and extrinsic rewards?

  6. What are various factors that shape individuals personality?

  7. How an employee likely to behave who has external Locus of control, Low Mach Low Self-esteem score?

  8. How Operant Conditioning theory is different from Classical conditioning theory of learning?

  9. Explain in detail the four basic reinforcement strategies to achieve desired behavior.

  10. Value, attitude and behavior are inter-linked? Explain

  11. How dissonance can be reduced and a state of equilibrium can be achieved? Discuss with the help of Cognitive Dissonance Theory of Leon Festinger.

  12. How job satisfaction is related with productivity? Example with example.

  13. Explain how the instrumental values helps in attending terminal values?

  14. What are the qualities you want see in a entrepreneur as a manager?

  15. What is situational leadership? What are the different types leadership style for different level of subordinates?

  16. Do you think that empowerment is the key to successful total quality organization. Justify using suitable examples. (300 Words)

  17. Describe the role played by theory of personality in understanding employee behaviour. (200 Words)

Management of Innovation

  1. Write an Analytical note on ‘Innovation management in Organisations. (150 words)

  2. Do you think whether management, as it is currently practiced, contributes much to creativity and innovation? What changes will allow managers, particularly in larger organizations, to add value to the creative process? (150 words)

Decision Making

  1. Explain the concept of fit and stretch in decision making? (150 words)

  2. Do you think social exploration as a tool can help managers in decision making (100 words)

Evolution of Management Thought

  1. Do you think the general principles of management given by Fayol are still relevant in the modern organisations? (200 words)

  2. How is Taylor’s research relevant to modern manufacturing industries? (200 words)

Concept and Foundation of Management

  1. Management Techniques (100 words)

  2. Management Fads (100 words)

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