IAS Mains Philosophy Papers 1981

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IAS Mains Philosophy 1981

Paper I

Section A

  1. Answer any three questions:

    1. What is verifiability principle?

    2. Are existentialists theists?

    3. Is a synthesis of Rationalism and Empiricism possible?

    4. What is epoche?

  2. Is Hume a consistent empiricist? Answer fully.

  3. Discuss fully the Pragmatists theory of truth.

  4. Are all ideas derived from experience? Answer with reference to the controversy between Rationalism and Empiricism.

Section B

  1. Answer any three questions:

    1. What is Mayayada?

    2. Is Jiva Atman?

    3. What is Asatkaryavada?

    4. Is Upamana source of knowledge?

    5. Is Samkhya an orthodox system of philosophy?

  2. Discuss the Samkhya view of God.

  3. Compare Samkaras view of liberation (moksa) with Ramanujas.

  4. What is extra-ordinary perception (Alukika Pratyaksha)? Is it a source of knowledge?

Paper II

Section A

  1. Comment on any three of the following in about 200 words each:

    1. Cultural freedom

    2. Ethics of terrorism

    3. The problem of Karijans

    4. The status of women in theory and practice

  2. Bring out the salient features of Indian Constitution and elaborate its attitude to religion.

  3. Is it possible to have communism along with democracy? Discuss.

  4. Show how Philosophy is at once scientific, speculative and practical.

Section B

  1. Comment on any three of the following in about 200 words each

    1. Mystics of the world speak the same language

    2. Religious intolerance is in itself irreligious

    3. Religion is indeed one, while its expressions are many

    4. Internal religious conversion is more important than change of faith

  2. Do you think that, because of the elements revelation and faith in it, religion is necessarily irrational?

  3. If God exists, is He not responsible for evil in world? Discuss.

  4. What is it to be religious? Is religion only personal matter? Discuss.

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