IAS Mains Philosophy Papers 1985

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IAS Mains Philosophy 1985

Paper I

Section A

  1. Write critical notes on any three of the following is not more than 200 words each:

    1. Esse est percipi

    2. The real is rational

    3. Existense and essence

    4. Meaning and use.

  2. Explain the Cartesian method of doubt and show the-implications of this method in the philosophy of Descartes.

  3. Why was Kant interested in finding an answer to the1 question? How are synthetic judgments a priori possible? Critically examine the answer found by Kant.

  4. Explain phenomenalism and show its significance for our understanding of empirical Knowledge.

Section B

  1. Write critical notes on any three of the following in not more than 200 words on each:

    1. The nature of Prakriti in Sankhya.

    2. Sphotoavada

    3. Anyathakhyativade.

    4. Arthapatti as a pramana.

  2. How do we know the absence of things? Compare the ppsitions of Nyaya and Purva Mimamsa schools on this question.

  3. Explain and examine the Buddhist theory of momentariness.

  4. Discuss the question whether Maya in Advaita renders the world a private illusion.

Paper II

Section A

  1. Write critical notes on any three of the following is not more than 200 words each:

    1. It is better to make a revolution than to theories about it.

    2. All philosophy is finding of good reaspns for what one 6elieves on instinct, but finding of those reasons is no less an instinct.

    3. Do you agree with the view that does what one may, the historical forces ultimately condition ones thought and action? Discuss.

    4. A constitution is only a milestone on the historical march of any society. It cannot and should not hold the society a prisoner down the ages.

  2. Discuss the foundations of a modern nation-State.

  3. Discuss the causes of the current srution of terrorism in India. What are its possible cures?

  4. Examine the concept of Sarvodaya and show whether it could be a viable alternative to the contemporary political ideologies.

Section B

  1. Evaluate any three of the following is not more than 200 words on each:

    1. If bulls, homes and goats had the capacity to visualize their gods, they would have made them in their own image.

    2. It is the best of possible words where evening is necessarily evil.

    3. Mystic experience not theological aleaming is the root of religion.

    4. To the credulous any religion will equally do to the rulers every religion is equally useful, but to a seeke of truth all religions are nearly false.

  2. Is the notion of Moksha distinctive feature of oriental religious traditions as Opposed to Judeo-Christian Islamic traditions of faith in the Redeemer? Discuss

  3. Do Religions of the East as against those of the West Provide sounder basis for secular tolerance and innutritious undemanding? If so, how do we explain the emption of religious fanaticism in Asia, currently? Discuss fully.

  4. Is it essential to interpret sacred and its bearer in a manner other than what is embodied in common speech? Will the Demystification of religious idiom abolish sacred? Discuss.

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