Philosophy Most Important Questions Part 2 For 2020 Exam

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  1. Explain Kautilya’s Saptanga Theory of Sovereign State.(200 words/UPSC 2008)

  2. Explain nature of theocracy. In which way it is related to Secularism. Critically analyses. (200 words)

  3. You are not punished for stealing the sheep, but you are punished so that no sheep is stolen. Discuss to which theory of punishment, the statement belongs (200 words/UPSC 2009)

  4. Does corruption have not only a moral dimension but also an economic dimension? (200 words/UPSC 2013)

  5. Can capital punishment be justified? Give reasons for your answer.(250 words/UPSC 2011)

  6. Why do Charvaka reject the concept of Akasa? [UPSC-2011/ 250 words]

  7. The soil is nothing but the conscious body. Comment. [UPSC-1998/ 250 words]

  8. Charvaka’s metaphysics is the logical culmination of his epistemology. Critically analyse. [250 words]

  9. Analyse the relation between the theory of saptabhanginaya and anekantavada. [UPSC-2013/250 words]

  10. Expound Anekantavada of Jainism. Is it a consistent theory of reality? Give reason. [UPSC-2003/250 words]

  11. What according to Jainism is path to liberation? Discuss.[CSM 2011/250 words]

  12. Is Syadvada a self-contradictory doctrine? Discuss. [UPSC 2010/300 words]

  13. Explain theory of substance according to Jainism.[UPSC 2006/250 words]

  14. “The Madhyamika philosophy tries to adopt the mean between extreme affirmation and extreme negation.” Comment. [UPSC 2008/250 words]

  15. State and discuss the Buddhist notion of Sunyata. [UPSC 2005/250 words]

  16. Comment: ‘Accepting sunyavada makes one indifferent to the pursuit of dharma.’ Examine, in this context, Nagarjuna’s arguments for sunyavada. [UPSC 2013/250 words]

  17. Analyse the idea of equality and show its relation, if any to the concept of justice. (200 words)

  18. Discuss the relationship between liberty and equality. (200 words)

  19. According to some liberal political thinkers, Social and economical inequalities can be justified only if they work to the advantage of the least advantage members of Society. Is this view consistent with Liberalism’s cardinal advocacy of individual freedom? Discuss. (300 words)

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