IAS Mains Political Science Papers 1993

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IAS Mains Political Science 1993

Paper I

Section A

  1. Make a critical Comment on any three of the following in about 200 words:

    1. For, no law or ordiance is mightier than knowledge (Plato).

    2. Material well-being alone is supreme. For, spiritual good and sensual pleasures depends upon material well-being (Kautilya).

    3. Obedience to mere impulse of appetite is slavery (Rousseau).

    4. The end of obedience is protection (Thomas Hobbes).

  2. Estimate the utility of the systems theory in social sciences.

  3. Examine critically the pluralist arguments against the theory of sovereignty.

  4. Examine the main issue involved in the Church-State controversy. What were is consequences?

Section B

  1. Comment on any THREE of the following in about 200 words each:

    1. Political Modernization in India

    2. Anarchism in Gandhis philosophy

    3. Economic liberalisation in India

    4. Judicial behaviour.

  2. What is political communication? Does communication theory offer satisfactory explanation of the political process in India?

  3. How do caste and class interact with each other in India politics?

  4. Examine the case for formation of small states in India.

Paper II

Section A

  1. Comment on any three of the following in about 200 words each:

    1. NAM in the post Cold War era

    2. Cultural Imperialism

    3. Case for a permanent UN peace keeping force

    4. National Interest and Capability

  2. Explain the essential rules of the balance of power system and evaluate the role which balance of power plays in the stability of the global order in a multi-polar system.

  3. Nation-State is currently exposed to disintegrative tendencies from within and integrative tendencies from without. Elucidate the statement in the context of developments in Europe.

  4. One cannot understand the international politics of arms control without taking into account the domestic political forces which have a stake in maintaining large defence expenditure. Analyse these force which help in promoting international arms races.

Section B

  1. Comment on any THREE of the following in about 200 words each:

    1. Russias policy towards Japan

    2. NPT safeguards and Non-Nuclear Weapon States

    3. Palestinian Homeland issue and the West Asia crisis

    4. Ideological basis of Chinese foreign policy in the post Mao period.

  2. Discuss the Third World perspective on the causes and cures of under development.

  3. Keeping in view the global developments during the last few years what are the prospects of cooperative and friendly relations between India and Pakistan.

  4. The new world order as conceived by USA is an effort to reestablished the American century in military terms as the American economic and industrial dominance of the last 50 years is lost.