IAS Mains Political Science Papers 1997

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IAS Mains Political Science 1997

Paper I

Section A

  1. Comment on any three of the following in about 200 words each:

    1. Sin, therefore is the mother of servitue, and first case of mens subjection to men (St. Augustine).

    2. Whoever therefore out of a State of Nature united into a Commonwealth must be understood to give up all the Power necessary to the Ends for which they united into Society, to the majority of the Community (Locke).

    3. Laws are any necessary relations arising from the nature of a thing (Montesquieu).

    4. It is not the consciousness of men that determine their being, but, on the contrary, their social being determines their consciousness (Marx).

  2. Discuss the importance of the Systems Theory in modern political analysis.

  3. Examine the nature and limits of the rights of Resistance and Revolution recognized in modern political theory.

  4. Discuss the philosophical basis of doctrine of popular sovereignty, and its significance for mankind.

Section B

  1. Comment on any THREE of the following in about 200 words each:

    1. Process of Political socialisation in Afro-Asian societies

    2. Jinnahs two-nation theory

    3. Political Dimensions of Development Administration

    4. Minority Government in India.

  2. Discuss the patterns of legislative-executive relationship prevalent in the world today. What factors and forces have enabled the executive to overpower the legislature, in most countries.

  3. The origins of the Indian political system are rooted in the history of British India. Comment.

  4. Discuss the role and limits of the Indian Parliament in check-mating political corruption, with special reference to the Bofors payoff and the Securities scams.

Paper II

Section A

  1. Comment on any three of the following in about 200 words each:

    1. Effective government as a source of national power

    2. SAPTA and SAFTA

    3. Maastricht Treaty

    4. Cultural Imperialism

  2. Bring out the contradiction between Internationalism and Globalization.

  3. The relations of the Balance of Power to Collective Security have been at the same time complementary and antagonistic. Elucidate.

  4. The change in the position of the people of Asia and Africa and their relations with Europe was the surest sign of the advent of a new era. Discuss.

Section B

  1. Comment on any THREE of the following in about 200 words each:

    1. Diego Garcia

    2. China and Nuclear Weapons

    3. West Asia Peace Conference at Madrid, 1991

    4. North-South conflict at Rio

  2. Explain the role of the Third World countries in the promotion of NIEO.

  3. It is not ideological differences but national interests and considerations of leadership in world affairs that are responsible for Sino-Russian schism. Discuss this statements and show its impact on India.

  4. Give us analysis of Indias Africa policy.

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