Political Science Most Important Questions Part 1 For 2020 Exam

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  1. Bring out your perspectives on the indications of the emergence of a global civil society. (300 Words)

  2. ” The true source of right is duty. If we all discharge our duties, rights will not be far to seek.” ( M. K. Gandhi ) Comment (300 Words)

  3. Critically analyze the role or Pressure groups in the advanced industrial societies.(300 Words)

  4. Do you agree with the view that Fundamental Rights and Directive Principles of state policy constitute the ‘Core and Conscience of the Indian Constitution.? Comment on the emerging trends in their relationship. (300 Words)

  5. Do you think that neo-colonialism or economic colonialism is one of the major reasons for the underdevelopment of third world countries? Substantiate. (300 Words)

  6. Critically analyse the role of Governor. Is the governor an agent of Center? (300 Words)

  7. Assess in detail the prospects of the emergence of a nuclear -weapons free world.(300 Words)

  8. Comment on Marxist Approach to international relations.(200 Words)

  9. Comment on Decision- making approach.( 200 Words)

  10. Analyze the nature of New social movements in India.(300 Words)

  11. Do you think that UN needs reforms? If yes, what are the reforms needed in the UN.(300 Words)

  12. Critically analyze the challenges to successful peacekeeping by UN.(300 Words)

  13. Critically examine the various controversial issues in the functioning of the WTO from the point of view of developing countries particularly India.(300 Words)

  14. Liberalization and Globalization are feared by the developing countries as Trojan Horses of developed countries. Elucidate.(300 Words)

  15. Discuss India ASEAN Free Trade Agreement. (300 Words)

  16. ” The nuclear pact with Russia goes far beyond the bounds of the 123 pact with the US.” Comment. (300 Words)

  17. Critically analyse India’s relationship with Africa in the contemporary times. (300 Words)

  18. Analyze India’s role as a protector of interests of the developing countries in the WTO negotiations. (300 Words)

  19. Examine the emerging areas of cooperation between India and Japan.(200 Words)

  20. Comment on impact of Nuclear Weapons on international relations. (300 Words)