Psychology Most Important Questions Part 1 For 2020 Exam

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  1. “Poverty and economic achievement as a social problem can only be explained from people’s perspective”comment with relevant research studies (250 Words)

  2. Differences between reinforcement and punishment (200 Words)

  3. Is Pavlov’s classical conditioning a S-R or S-S approach? Explain(150 Words)

  4. What psychological concepts explain the increasing communal riots in India? (250 Words)

  5. Explain psychological basis for aggression or violence, with suitable examples. (250 Words)

  6. Comment on the impact of continuous and partial reinforcement schedule. (100 Words)

  7. What is perceptual organisation? What processes influence it? (200 Words)

  8. “Heredity sets the limits and environment provides opportunities to reach that limit”. Discuss (200 Words)

  9. Explain Anterograde and retrograde amnesia. (100 Words)

  10. Difference between OCD & OCPD – (150 Words)

  11. What are the causes and symptoms of depression? (250 Words)

  12. Comment on Rogers concept of fully functioning person and Maslow’s notion of self-actualization. (200 Words)

  13. Describe effective methods of communication with suitable examples. (200 Words)

  14. How far is meditation useful today for therapeutic purpose? Comment. (200 Words)