Psychology Most Important Questions Part 2 For 2020 Exam

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  1. Explain theory of Psychocybernetics? (400 Words)

  2. Discuss the ethical issues involve in psychological tests?(200 Words)

  3. Mention Different types of Psychological tests. Discuss its uses, misuses and limitations (400 words )

  4. Discuss how IRT Method differs from Classical Test Theory? (200 Words)

  5. Evaluate the applications of Porter -Lawler theory and Adam Equity theory in modern organization?(200 words)

  6. Motivation is determine by surrounding work culture. comment

  7. Biological process, social-emotional process , cognitive process are interwoven. Analyze the statement

  8. What is signal detection theory (SDT)? How it differs from psycho physics? Discuss. (250 Words)

  9. Explain what do you mean by psychological warfare ?(200 words)

  10. Explain what do you mean by Abnormal Psychology?

  11. Evaluate the foundations of Indian psychology?

  12. What is EQ? Discuss its applications and method used to determine it?

  13. Sensation, attention and perception are different elements of same process called cognition. Comment

  14. How does brain meditate between phenotype and genotype for psychological characteristics? (250 Words)

  15. What is Psycho pharmacology? Discuss its applications. (250 Words)

  16. Write a short note (150 words)

    1. Extrasensory perception

    2. Subliminal perception

  17. What is reminiscence? Is it a fact or misnomer? Support your Ans with case studies.(250 words)

  18. Thought is must if language is to be understood. Comment (200 words)

  19. Intelligence increases with age but IQ remains constant. Discuss.

  20. What is man-machine system in the context of human engineering? Highlight the applications of human engineering in defense with reference to equipment design?

  21. “Its not always easy to distinguish between punishment and negative reinforcement”. Comment

  22. What is achievement motivation? Create achievement motivation plan for rural people. (150 Words)

  23. Is personality consistent? Support by relevant studies.

  24. Describe the specific sociocultural deprivation of tribal’s in India as socially and culturally disadvantage group? How can psychology help them?

  25. How will you select and train psychology professionals in the field of I.T and Mass media? Make a plan (250 words)

  26. From psychological perspective, discuss the impact of scientific and technological growth on environment?(200 words)

  27. Discuss the parts of brain involve in storing and recalling information. (250 Words)

  28. Emotion is cognitive interpretation of psychological response. Comment (250 Words)

  29. Discuss the concept of N-Ach and different methods which have been used to measure it. (200 words)

  30. What, in your view, are the psychological problems that physically challenge people are more prone to? (200 words)

  31. Innate and experience factors play crucial role in perception. Comment. (150 words)

  32. What is person perception and perceptual defense? Is it a critical variable in human interaction? Illustrate(200 words)

  33. What is consciousness? Discuss the altered states of consciousness which are produce by hypnosis, drug and meditation? (250 words)

  34. In the long run, EQ (emotional quotient) trumps IQ (intelligence quotient). Comment (150 words)

  35. Discuss the ways in which Psychology can help us to live a Better Life. (150 words)

  36. The multifarious problems of aged persons have posed a great challenge to the society and our country. Suggest a program for their all round rehabilitation. (200 words)

  37. Victims of anxieties and depressions do present a common sight to everyday life. Point out the difference in them and elucidate their aetiology and the remedial measures to be adopted to treat these two maladies. (200 words)

  38. Critically examine the effect of Communication on the people of rural India. (200 words)

  39. Positive mental health serves as a powerful factor against mental illness. Discuss (150 words)

  40. Explain the relationship between homelessness and mental illness?(150 words)

  41. ‘An individual is the product of heredity interacting with cooperating environment operating at the appropriate time of maturation.’ Discuss this statement, quoting the findings of some experimental studies in this area. (200 words)

  42. ‘We perceive what we want, and not what it is’ Examine the truth of this statement, pointing out especially the motivational factors determining perception and substantiating your answer with some research findings. (200 words)

  43. How do you genetically explain the differences among children of even same parents?(150 Words)

  44. Must all tests be valid? Explain the conditions in which a test could have low validity without prejudice to its utility .(200 Words)

  45. Discuss the role of Psychology in personnel selection in industry. Does proper selection ensure productivity as well as job satisfaction of the workers? (200 Words)

  46. Modern Psychology has outlived the schools’ Explain with reference to the current trends in modern psychological research and the recent counterparts of the schools in psychological theory and applications. (200 Words)

  47. ‘Modem community psychiatry emphasizes the importance of the social environment in determining and changing human behaviour.’ Explain with reference to current trends in preventive psychiatric treatment. (200 Words)

  48. There is no single theory of vision which attempts to account for all the visual phenomena-Discuss with experimental evidence (200 Words)

  49. Current trends in family therapy, group therapy and the encounter movement have opened up new horizons in community psychiatry. Comment. (200 Words)

  50. Elucidating the concepts of need, drive and incentive, discuss the problems involved in measuring motives in human beings (200 Words)

  51. ‘We see things as we are, not as things are.’ Elaborate the various implications of this statement. (200 Words)

  52. Describe the problem of learning disabilities of socially disadvantaged children. What concrete steps can psychology provide? (200 Words)

  53. It is suggested that the biological requirements of man are of much less importance in behavior than are his psychological needs. Examine this point of view. Describe the various psychological needs. (200 Words)

  54. Make as exhaustive a list as possible of current psychotherapeutic techniques. Evaluate Gestalt therapy. (200 Words)

  55. Freudians and the neo-Freudians are similar in approach but differ in points of emphasis. Discuss (200 Words)

  56. Discuss whether mental health is to be considered only as an absence of mental disease. In this context, explain with suitable examples what is meant by psychosomatic diseases. (250 Words)

  57. What do you mean by organizational climate? Is it a unitary or multidimensional concept? How far does the theory of open system help our understanding of organizational climate? (250 Words)

  58. Discuss the nature and complexities of altered states of consciousness which are produced by hypnosis, drug use and meditation (200 Words)

  59. Just putting the test questions in an objective form does not necessarily render the test scientific. Comment, and elucidate the characteristics of a good psychological test. (200 Words)

  60. Point out the main differences in the approaches of Western and Vedantic theories of personality (150 Words)

  61. The same fire which melts butter hardens steel! Explain this phenomenon in the Context of frustration and stress resolution in personality development with examples (200 Words)

  62. Discuss on spiritual psychology?(200 Words)