Public Administration Most Important Questions Part 2 For 2020 Exam

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  1. Explain each of the following: (In less than 100 words)

    1. “Business Process Re-engineering” by Hammer & Champy.

    2. The New public service: Serving not steering.

  2. Describe each of the following (In not more than 100 words)

    1. a. Time & Motion study.

    2. b. Differential piece wage system.

    3. c. Functional foreman-ship.

    4. d. Management by Exception (M.B.E.) Past years (250 Words)

  3. ‘Taylor’s scientific management had a major influence on the growing reform and economy movements in Public Administration.’ Comment. (1992)

  4. Why is that the behavioral approach to the study of organisations is a continuous phenomenon? Discuss.

  5. At one extreme, the vigour of judicial control may paralyse effective administration, at the other the result may be offensive bureaucratic tyranny, exactly where the balance may be best stuck is a major problem of judicial-administration relationship. Comment.

  6. Pressure groups ensure that an individual’s democratic rights are not confined just to the act of voting. Discuss.

  7. Discuss the “Sevottam model” of excellence in service delivery.

  8. ‘Policy making is a series of continuing dynamic processes which are plural and composite.’ Explain. (250 Words)