Public Administration Most Important Questions Part 4 For 2020 Exam

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  1. “The man possessing the knowledge demanded by a certain situation tends in the best managed business, and other things being equal, becomes the leader of that movement.” Comment. [200 words]

  2. Leadership is the ‘influential increment over and above mechanical compliance with the routine directives of the organization’ [Katz and Kahn]. Analyze. (150 WORDS) [CSM 2012]

  3. ‘The Arthashastra is India’s oldest complete text on public administration.” Comment. (200 Words/2003, Evolution of Indian Administration – P2)

  4. The development administration approach to CPA tends to validate a Manichean view of administrative system. Comment [150 Words]

  5. ‘The idea of civil society is intrinsically linked to liberal democratic discourse esposing plurality of social views’. Comment.[200 Words]

  6. Given the importance of issue of sex equality in development do you think the self help group movement adequately addresses absence of women in the former mainstream development agenda? [CSM 2012/250 Words]