IAS Mains Sociology 1968

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  1. Do you agree with Maclvers view that we belong to association and not to institutions? Support your answer with arguments and illustrate it with examples.

  2. Discuss reference group theory of human behaviour.

  3. Define function. Differentiate between function, dysfunction and non-function. Illustrate your answer with examples.

  4. Discuss important factors that account for social dis-organization.

  5. Discuss the role of culture in the development of human personality.

  6. List the institutions which Mahattma Gandhi created and/or developed considerably in order to fulfil his constructive programme. Discuss in detail any two of them.

  7. Sociologists would not have objected to proselytization but for its harmful effects on Indian culture. Discuss critically.

  8. Is the contemporary family undergoing a process of social change or getting disorganized 1 Give arguments in support of your answer.

  9. Discuss the process involved in the emergence of the consciousness of social self.

  10. Discuss the social implications of economic planning with particular reference to Community Development Programme.

  11. Are we mote civilized than our ancestors? Illustrate your with examples.

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