IAS Mains Sociology Papers 2003

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IAS Mains Sociology 2003

Paper I

Section A

  1. Write short notes on any THREE of the following (each note should note exceed 200 words) (3 × 20 = 60)
    1. Primary and Reference Groups
    2. Utility of Reliability and Validity in Social Research
    3. Social System and the Pattern Variables
    4. Education and Social Development
  2. Highlight the problem of objectivity and value-neutrality in Social Research. Elaborate, with suitable examples, the limitations associated with the tools of measurements in Social Science Researches (60) .
  3. Discuss the meanings and significance of culture in Human Society. Critically bring out the role of Culture in the development of personality (60) .
  4. Critically examine Max Webers theory of the Protestant ethics and the spirit of the Capitalism, Could it be the otherwise possibility that the tenets of the capitalism must also have effected the emergence of the Protestant ethics? Comment with suitable examples (60) .

Section B

  1. Write short notes on any THREE of the following (each note should note exceed 200 words) (3 × 20 = 60)
    1. Social impact of New Technologies in India
    2. Class-in-itself and Class-for-itself
    3. Social determinants of Economic Development
    4. Social Structure and Political Participation
  2. Examine the conceptual distinction between social inequality and social stratification. How do the nature and forms of the social stratification system determine the patterns of social mobility (60) ?
  3. Elaborate on the concepts of Family and Lineage. Discuss the relationship between Rules of descent and inheritance of property (60) .
  4. Critically analyse the concept of Anomie. Elaborate with suitable examples, the theoretical relationship between nature of Anomie and types of Social Deviations as have been formulated by R. K. Merton (60) .

Paper II

Section A

  1. Write short notes on any THREE of the following in not more than 200 words each: (20 × 3 = 60)
    1. Caste among Muslims
    2. Emergence of classes among tribes
    3. Social consequences of green revolution
    4. Regionalism
  2. Describe the characteristics of dominant caste. Discuss its role in village politics in India (60) .
  3. Outline the factors responsible for unrest in agrarian communities of India. What suggestions will you give to arrest this trend (60) ?
  4. Discuss how occupational diversification has affected the pattern of social stratification in India (60) .

Section B

  1. Write notes on any THREE of the following (in not more than 200 words each) : (20 × 3 = 60)
    1. Educational problems of weaker sections
    2. Socio-cultural factors influencing infant mortality rates
    3. Isolation approach in tribal policy
    4. Social dimensions of corruption
  2. Describe the socio-economic factors responsible for communal tensions in India. What suggestions will you give to control them (60) ?
  3. Differentiate between pressure groups and interest groups. Describe the role of some prominent pressure groups in contemporary Indian politics (60) .
  4. Describe the process of modernization in India. Discuss the factors that have impeded this process (60) .

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