Sociology Most Important Questions Part 2 For 2020 Exam

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  1. Write a note on S.N.D.P. Movement. (200 words/ IAS 2008)

  2. Bring out a comparative analysis of Marxian and Parsonian views of social change and examine the relevance of each view for social development in the contemporary India.(600 words/ IAS 2004/ 60 marks)

  3. Mention the Impact of Muslims on Indian Society.(200 words/ IAS 2004)

  4. Describe the socio-economic factors responsible for communal tensions in India. What suggestions will you give to control them?(300 words/IAS 2003)

  5. What is a “tribe”? Examine the view that the tribes in India are tribes in transition.(200 words/ IAS ’77)

  6. Describe the distinctive features of tribal communities in India. Discuss the factors affecting tribal identity.(300 words/ IAS 2006)

  7. Describe the process of emergence of the middle class in India. What role has the middle class played in national development?(300 words/ IAS 2005)

  8. Analyse the sociological ideas of Pareto. (300 words/ IAS 1964)

  9. Discuss the metaphysical and ethical basis of Hindu social organisation. (300 words/ IAS 2002)

  10. Bring out Tonnies’ differentiation between ‘Community’ (Gemeinschaft) and ‘society’ (Gesselschaft) and show how this paved the path for Cooley to develop his theory of primary group.(200 words/IAS1965).

  11. Write short note on- The share-croppers’ movement in India. (200 words/IAS1991).

  12. Bring out the role of Culture in the development of human personality. (200 words)

  13. Sociologists would not have objected to proselytization but for its harmful effects on Indian culture’. Discuss critically. (200 words)

  14. What is Merton’s view of relationship between social structure and deviance? In what sense is a deviant also a conformist? (500 words/ IAS 2008)

  15. Critically evaluate the child welfare programmes in India. Have they benefitted all sections of children in India? (500 words/IAS 2000)

  16. Elaborate the concept of political elite. Explain how social structural origins of political elites influence their political orientations.(500 words/IAS 2001)

  17. In the context of the caste system, critically examine Louis Dumont’s concept of purity and pollution. (300 words/ IAS 2009)

  18. Comment on the reasons why neo-idealists and symbolic interactionists are critical of ‘positivism’ in Sociology. (300 words)

  19. Define Ideal type and explain Weber’s concept of Verstehen for understanding Social Phenomenon? (200 words)

  20. Critically examine Protestant Ethic and Spirit of Capitalism? (200 words)

  21. Critically analyze the contributions of G.H Mead to Symbolic Interactionism? (200 words)

  22. Describe the importance of lineage and descent in kinship and family. (200 words)

  23. What you mean by marriage and family? Discuss the Structural and functional changes in family in modern society. (200 words)

  24. Discuss the meanings and significance of culture in Human society. Critically bring out the role of culture in the development of Personality. (200 words)

  25. Write short note on: Social Consequences of increase in the rate of Divorce. (200 words)

  26. In our society Hierarchical relations are influenced by Social Mobility . Explain How? (200 words)

  27. Explain how open and closed systems of stratification are undergoing transformation in the emergence of new hierarchical social order in societies. (200 words)

  28. How do formal and informal organization of work influence labors mobility ? Explain with examples. (200 words)

  29. Write short note on feminization of labor in informal sector. (200 words)

  30. Write short note on Social Determinants of Economic Development. (200 words)

  31. Write short note on the following from a sociological perspective : Citizenship and Civil Society. (200 words)

  32. Collective action in politics can bring integration and disintegration in society “ . Comment. (200 words)

  33. Write short note on the following from a sociological perspective :Millenarian Movements. (200 words)

  34. Write short note on : ideology and strategy of Social Movement. (200 words)

  35. Write short note on : Protest Movements. (200 words)

  36. Discuss in detail the Mass Media and education on Indian Society. (200 words)

  37. Write short note on : Privatization of Education and Equality of Opportunity? (200 words)

  38. “Education is induction into learners culture”. Examine the statement in Society today? (200 words)

  39. “Science has empirical means to logical ends and Religion has non empirical means to logical ends .” Comment. (200 words)

  40. Critically examine functional and dysfunctional aspects of Religion. (200 words)

  41. Write short note on: Science and social Responsibility. (200 words)

  42. Write short note on: Social Impacts of New Technologies in India. (200 words)

  43. Write short note on the following from a sociological perspective: Theory of cultural lag –Ogburn and Nimkoff. (200 words)

  44. Social Support Mechanism needs to be strengthened for effective implementation of development programmes” .Comment (200 words)

  45. Define Social Policy. Evaluate the performance of social policy in modernization of developing Societies. (200 words)

  46. Write short note on the following from a sociological perspective : Reliability and Validity. (200 words)

  47. Write short note on the following from a sociological perspective : Utility and Reliability in Social Research. (200 words)

  48. Write short note on the following from a sociological perspective : Comparative method. (200 words)

  49. Comment on the reasons why neo idealists and symbolic interactionists are critical of Positivism in Sociology. (200 words)