Sociology Most Important Questions Part 4 For 2020 Exam

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  1. Write Short Note:

    1. Interpretative Sociology

    2. Sociology as Science of society

  2. What is Subjective method in social research? Examine Focus Group Discussion (FGD) as a technique for data collection with suitable example.(250 words).

  3. What according to Max Weber , is the role of “particular religion ideas” in the emergence of modern Capitalism ? (250 words)

  4. Subject matter of Sociology , according to Emile Durkheim.(250 words)

  5. Examine how Weber’s charracterisation of “Capitalism” is different from those of Marx.(250 words)

  6. Examine the Relevance of Parsonian Social system in the present society. (250 words)

  7. Relevant of pattern variable in the society change. (250 words)

  8. Using Merton’s concepts of “Manifest and Latent” functions , explain the persistence of corruption in Indian Society.(200 words)

  9. Give the differences between absolute and relative poverty and analyse the “Vicious circle theory” of Poverty.(250 words)

  10. Write a note on Social Mobility in open and closed systems.(200 words)

  11. Explain Horizontal and Vertical Mobility.(200 words)

  12. Explain the significance of empirical approach to the study of Indian society. How does the use of historical approach enrich empirical orientation? (95/60)

  13. “Tradition and modernity co-exist in contemporary Indian society’. Discuss the factors responsible for this continuity and change. (96/60)

  14. Ideological perspective of G.S.Ghurye.(200 words)

  15. Write a short note on “M.N.Srinivas’s concepts, Westernization and Sanskritization”.(200 words)

  16. “Perspectives on the study of caste by M.N.Srinivas and Andre Beteille”.write a note with sociological perspectives.(250 words)

  17. Critically examine Louis Dumont’s concepts, “Purity and Pollution”,” Homohierarchicus” & “Hierarchy” .(250 words)

  18. “Casteism is the modern edition of the caste system “.Do you agree with this statement? Discuss with arguments.(250 words)

  19. Critically assess the forms in which untouchability continues to be practised.(200 words)

  20. Changes that the agrarian social structure in India is undergoing,Comment.(250 words)

  21. Discuss the factors which contributed to industrial modernization in India.what are the salient features of new Industrial class structure?(250 words)

  22. Human relation school of thought by Elton Mayo as a social organisation of work process in Industry.(200 words)

  23. How do formal and informal organisation work influence labour’s mobility? Explain with examples.(200 words)

  24. There hasbeen the substantial decline in labour class and increase in labour force in non-manual jobs with the advent of new technological revolution .Critically examine (250 words)

  25. Examine the social impact of Globalization on “Labour and Society”.(250 words)

  26. Write a note on” Power Elite”. (150 words).

  27. Bureacracy in new capitalist economy. (150 words).

  28. Examine the role of “Pressure Groups” in parliamentary democracy. (200 words).

  29. What are the functions of Political Parties.(200 words)

  30. What do you understand by Nation? Is the Nation same as the State? Discuss.(250 words)

  31. Write a note on “Citizenship”.(150 words)

  32. Critically examine the role of civil society in democracy.(200 words)

  33. Write a note on protest and agitation.(200 words)

  34. Collective action in politics can bring integration and disintegration in society. comment (250 words)

  35. Marx views power as to be held by a particular group(dominant class) in society at the expense of the rest of the society(subordinate class).Explain (250 words)

  36. Write a note on “Industrial Democracy”. (150 words)

  37. Are social movements always influenced by ideologies? Discuss.(250 words)

  38. “According to Durkheim,the essence of religion in modern society is the same as religion in primitive society”,Comment. (250 words)

  39. ” According to Weber, the religion was not just an opinion but a social reality which had clear logic of its own”,comment. (250 words)

  40. In what way do Weber’s views on Religion differ from those of Durkheim ? (250 words)