10 Most Common Mistakes Answer Writing-UPSC 2022 Mains How to Fix?

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10 Most Common Answer Writing Mistakes for UPSC CSE IAS Mains - How to Fix? Best Strategy

#Mistake 1 – Irrelevant Information

  • Stick to the topic
  • Improve condition of women to alleviate poverty – Mention all schemes for poverty alleviation

#Mistake 2 – Too Much Theory

  • Try to make it interesting
  • No too much theory with no segregation, no points and no analysis of concept

#Mistake 3 – Incorrect Diagrams or Too Much Time Devoted to Create Flowery Diagrams

  • Concept should be relevant
  • Not too flowery
  • Not incorrect
  • Address the right issue with right approach

#Mistake 4 – Missing Case Studies

  • Try to bring in case studies
  • Get information from Yojana, Kurukshetra, PIB, DTE or Geography and You

#Mistake 5 – Answers Not Supported by Facts

  • This can be both qualitative or quantitative in nature
  • Either include statistics or small story captions with moral

#Mistake 6 – Lack of Knowledge

  • Clear reflection of lack of knowledge or missing facts

#Mistake 7 – Revealed That Subject and Student Don՚t Coincide

  • Most of the time students are from separate branch and optional taken is different
  • Lack of explanation of correct facts in correct manner

#Mistake 8 – Blown Away by Topper՚s Interview or Evaluation by Incorrect Authority

  • Lack of proper guidance
  • Evaluation by those who never were able to secure well
  • Note writing is unique to everyone

#Mistake 9 – Too Concise by Science Students

  • Answers are too concise and to the point by science students
  • The sentence formations are missing

#Mistake 10 – Too Much Unnecessary Elaboration by Arts Students

  • The elaborations are too much without focusing on the exact points and unnecessary information is given.

✍ Manishika